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  • LouRugani
    (The Lowell Sun, Thursday, August 3, 1939) The CAR you ve HEARD about! READ about! WONDERED about! THE NEW CROSLEY Displayed by Pollards. Pollards First Again.
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      (The Lowell Sun, Thursday, August 3, 1939)
      The CAR you've HEARD about! READ about! WONDERED about!
      THE NEW CROSLEY Displayed by Pollards.
      Pollards First Again.

      As usual, it's Pollards to bring something NEW to the Lowell Public … this time, it's the new CROSLEY.,. .the car that amazes everyone who sees it.
      Safe, economical... .and easy to park. It's now available at a surprisingly low price. Radical only in its compactness, its small size. (120" bumper to bumper), its low weight, it cuts operating costs to a minimum. If you commute.... if you need an extra car at home during the day... .if your children demand extra transportation... here is a practical solution. See it on display on our First Floor. Have one of our trained salesmen explain its revolutionary features.

      Boston Auto Supply Co.
      This well known and reputable sales and service house, located on the First Street Boulevard, is co-operating with the A. 0. Pollard Company to introduce this new CROSLEY to Lowell.

      It's designed on an entirely new principle... .the principle, followed in airplane construction, minimum weight without sacrifice of strength. This has brought a radical reduction in operating costs. Read what Mr. Joseph McGarry, Manager of the Boston Auto Supply C. has to say about this wonderful new achievement in the motor industry:

      "We have become distributors of the Crosley car, after careful study, considering the need of such a car with its economical operating cost. The makers, "The Crosley Corporation," have long been identified in the Radio and Refrigerator field. The Crosley car is a continuation of the high-class products for which the Crosley Corporation is famous. Every part of the Crosley is made by manufacturers who are "tops" in their particular field, such as Waukesha Motor, Spicer Axle, Warner Transmission. Rockford Clutch, Auto Lite Ignition, Ross Steering Gear, Delco-Lovejoy Shock Absorbers, Murray Body, Timken Bearings, Airplane Tight Brakes.

      "Never before has a car been launched with the backing of such experience and such an array of engineering talent. We heartily endorse it. Come and see it."

      JOS. M. McGARRY.

      FOR ECONOMY....Crosley engineers estimate that the "Car of Tomorrow" will operate on 1c a mile.
      FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE … Especially when parents hesitate to give them an excessive-speed car.
      AS AN EXTRA CAR....So handy if some one of the family has to make a call to the grocers or butchers while the big car is out.
      FOR SHOPPING....The Crosley is au excellent ear for this purpose....
      so economical to run, so easy to park.
      EASY PAYMENT PLAN....You make arrangements for payment in monthly installments … ask for details.
      NO TRADE-INS...The low purchase price of the Crosley car precludes any possibility of offering a trade-in on your old car.

      Sold by Boston Auto Supply Co. 24 First St., Lowell
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