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RESCUE ALERT: CD sedan, Cascade, Iowa

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  • LouRugani
    We ve seen this scenario all too often. Here s a barn-fresh Iowa 49 CD sedan that didn t make reserve on eBay last week - it drew just over $300. The seller
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2010
      We've seen this scenario all too often. Here's a barn-fresh Iowa '49 CD sedan that didn't make reserve on eBay last week - it drew just over $300. The seller is losing storage soon and has begun hawking this original survivor on the drag-strip forums. The phone number is posted below. Photos will be up soon. Better hurry on this one, and as always, keep us posted, please.
      "Drag Cars, Drag Tech & Drag Racing Action!
      Crosley 1949 Sedan rat hot rod gasser drag race

      VIN# CD103943
      Vehicle History Report Price: $322

      "Neat old Crosley survivor. Pictures should tell the story. This was in barn storage for many, many years and now the barn is being torn down so we will be losing storage which forces sale. Body is amazingly solid on bottom sides. Floorpans are rusted thru as pictures show. There is a dent on RF fender. Rear and read side glass missing. Front bucket seat frames and springs are there as well as rear seat frame and springs.

      "There is an original accessory heater and an accessory fan mounted on the steering shaft. There is also an original front bumper guard that is solid and not bent. Also, note the cool, original aluminum visor. The visor is super straight and has stainless center bracket and all mounting brackets.

      "Engine is complete right down to original air cleaner and I am sure engine is stuck. The flywheel cover is missing and the top cover of the trans with shifter is loose on the top of the trans as if someone had tried to remove.

      "Brakes are stuck and RF spring is collapsed. I can help load vehicle on a flat trailer with my tractor and loader if needed by buyer and/or shipper

      "There is no title but a Bill Of Sale will be offered. Since we are losing storage, I would like car picked up within 14 days after auction end. I do have a trailer and could give a shipping quote if buyer is interested.

      "Please look at all pictures and if you have additional questions, email or call 262-844-1557. Thanks"

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