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The Goulds' Margarita Mania:

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  • mrcooby
    Urgggh! Please don t speak so loudly. We are all nursing some pretty fine hangovers! Actually there are several photos posted at the following sites!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2006
      Urgggh! Please don't speak
      so loudly. We are all
      nursing some pretty fine
      hangovers! Actually there
      are several photos posted
      at the following sites!

      _Webshots - Images of
      Micro and Minicar Classic

      and more here at:


      Rod & Wendy absolutely
      blew us away with their
      Kitty Cab Company Fiat
      650 Taxi (Photo below)!
      This little Fiat Taxi was
      gorgeous in pearlescent
      yellow and white. Wendy
      designed the Kitty Cab
      Company logo (and
      the "Almost Cheaper than
      Walking" slogan which I
      had suggested from the
      Peel Trident advertising
      materials in the 60's).
      And all of these raves are
      coming from a guy (me) who
      really prefers stock
      original cars.
      We had over 200 guests,
      and around 80 cars on the
      show field not counting
      our own cars which were
      still back at the house.
      We had a huge turnout at
      the public exhibit and we
      had fabulous weather
      throughout the weekend.
      This Mercedes Unimog
      hauler was incredible as
      the rear wheels are lifted
      and then extend outward,
      to enable the bed platform
      to "kneel down" to allow
      the cars to drive up the
      The food was amazing, and
      the friends and
      participants were even
      better! We had relatively
      few mechanical failures
      until Sunday night just
      after dark, when the cars
      started dropping like
      flies. Out of a late-night
      parade of seven cars,
      five dropped out with
      several mechanical
      problems ranging from a
      dead battery (Jeff's KR
      200) to two flat tyres
      (Mini Panel Van & Fiat
      Giardinera), to a
      split water hose (Renault
      Dauphine) to out of gas
      (Metropolitan). But we did
      some creative McGyver type
      repairs, and some really
      creative trailer loading
      and got everyone home and
      running by midnight!
      The repairs and retrievals
      are some of our favorite
      times together, followed
      by some "bench racing"
      over Margaritas, which
      were especially fine this
      weekend thanks to the
      amazing two stroke
      margarita blender
      presented to me by
      Faith Lamprey and Bruce
      Vild from the New England
      Mini Owners group. There
      is a photo of it in the
      web sites referenced
      above. This is an actual
      Margarita blender with a
      two-stroke weed whacker
      engine mounted on it to
      run the blender. It has
      motorcycle grips with a
      motorcycle throttle. It
      was a real crowd pleaser
      as we mixed up the special
      blend of Gould's two
      stroke formula!
      If you missed the Microcar
      Classic this year, you
      missed a really cool
      event. See you all next

      More photos to follow on
      our Bubbledrome web site
      in the next few days.

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