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Gould's Eleventh Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic Event on July 7, 8 & 9, 2006

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  • mrcooby
    Dust off your cars because it is only three weeks until the Gould s Eleventh Annual Microcar & Minicar Classic Event. This year s event will be held on July
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2006
      Dust off your cars because it
      is only three weeks until the
      Gould's Eleventh Annual
      Microcar & Minicar Classic

      This year's event will be held
      on July 7, 8 & 9, 2006, in
      Newton (near Boston),
      Massachusetts, and we have a
      whole weekend jam packed with
      activities and treats for all
      who participate with, or
      without, a car.

      We have a "Seats & Asses
      Program" (SAP), so if you come
      without a car, we will find a
      seat for you, so that you can
      ride in the microcars to all
      activities and all events, all
      weekend long. This is a great
      opportunity for those of you
      who have been thinking about
      acquiring a Microcar, or those
      that are Microcar wanna-bees!

      We also have the "Gould's
      Certified Roadside Assistance
      Program" (CRAP), which means
      that we will have at least two
      tow vehicles with flatbed
      trailers, several extremely
      qualified mechanics, several
      spare containers of fuel (for
      those of you who are too
      preoccupied to heed our
      warnings to fill your tanks
      BEFORE the event) available for
      all tours, drives, and
      activities to solve even the
      most embarrassing of mechanical
      failures or complications. We
      have this down to a science and
      can accomplish retrievals
      within minutes, and can usually
      have you up and running in time
      for the next activity.

      This is also a grand
      opportunity to diagnose and
      repair that pesky problem that
      has eluded you for years!
      We have clear, concise, printed
      directions for all tours and

      We have emergency telephone
      numbers if you get lost or
      separated from the pack.

      We have negotiated a fantastic
      room rate ($89.00 per night) at
      the luxurious Sheraton Needham
      Hotel that is less than 1 mile
      from the Gould's residence.
      In order to get this fabulous
      rate, you must reserve your
      room by June 27, 2006, or they
      will charge their regular room
      rate of $189.00 per night.

      We have each of the following
      activities packed into this
      chaotic weekend, so you will
      not be bored or idle for even a

      We have a Friday Evening Wine,
      Cheese, MICRObrew, and Hors
      D'oeuvres Arrival Reception,
      Saturday's huge Eclectic
      Barbecue which features ethnic
      food from all over the world,
      including everything from Tuna
      Sashimi to Enchiladas, and
      supplemented by the world
      famous menu from Blue Ribbon
      Barbecue, which is a venerable
      feast for carnivores.
      Saturday's Eclectic barbecue
      will include a contest of
      Microcar impersonators, so
      practice up on your Microcar

      We have the Saturday evening
      Ice Cream Micro-Tour, and the
      Saturday Late Night Frozen
      Margarita Party featuring the
      Gould's World Famous Two Stroke
      Frozen Margaritas!

      We have coffee and pastries on
      Saturday and Sunday morning,
      and an optional Sunday morning
      brunch, and Sunday evening
      farewell dinner at a wonderful
      authentic Mexican Outdoor Cafe,
      Sol Azteca.

      We have four Micro-tours
      including Sunday's long tour
      (over 40 miles round trip). You
      will drive more than you ever
      have driven at any automotive
      event, and farther than some of
      you have ever driven your

      We have the public exhibit and
      microcar rides on the gorgeous
      lawns of the Larz Anderson
      Museum of Transportation, which
      is the oldest car museum in the

      We have a shopping area with
      incredible Microcar, Minicar,
      and Event T-shirts, Mugs, and
      other paraphernalia featuring
      the incredible artistic
      renderings of our own Wendy
      Costa and Jeff Loughridge, so
      there will plenty of shopping
      available. We will also have
      several copies of Jan de
      Lange's new Microcar book, fire
      extinguishers, toy Microcars
      and Minicars, two-stroke oil,
      NGK A 7 Spark plugs, Terry
      Parker's wonderful Paper
      Microcar CD's, and many, many
      more delightful things to buy
      for yourself or as gifts.

      In addition to all of the
      fabulous Microcars & Minicars
      which will attend this year, we
      will be joined by the local
      Nash Metropolitan Club (Yankee
      Mets) and the New England Mini
      Owners Group (NEMO), so there
      will be plenty of Mets and
      Minis as well as Met and Mini
      souvenirs for sale in the shop.
      I also make exceptions for any
      interesting cars, so if you
      have something unusual, contact
      me at _chasgould@... ..._
      to see if it is welcome to
      attend our event as a special
      guest. In the past, we have had
      Tatras, Corvairs, and
      Amphicars. If it is
      interesting, I can be persuaded
      (or bribed).

      Your admission price of $45.00
      ($40.00 if received before June
      15) includes general admission
      to the entire event,
      registration for all cars,
      Friday Evening Arrival
      Reception including all food,
      liquor and soft drinks,
      Coffee/pastries on Saturday
      and Sunday morning, Saturday
      attendance at Micro/Mini Car
      day at the Larz Anderson Museum
      of Transportation, Saturday
      afternoon Eclectic Barbecue,
      Saturday night Frozen Margarita
      Party, all four Micro-Tours and
      destinations, admission to the
      Museum of Transportation, and
      all ice water, sodas, beer,
      wine and beverages for the
      entire weekend.
      Kids under 10 years old are

      Guests are asked to bring an
      unusual (preferably ethnic)
      food item to share at the
      Eclectic Barbecue, and to share
      your recipe if you are willing
      to do so.
      Sunday morning brunch and
      Sunday evening farewell dinner
      at the authentic outdoor
      Mexican Cafe are optional and
      will be billed on a separate

      We have over fifty guests and
      forty-five cars already pre-
      registered. We expect close to
      200 guests, and 100 to 120
      Microcars & Minicars.

      This has been the largest
      microcar event in the country
      for many years now, and we hope
      to continue this tradition. If
      you are a Microcar or Minicar
      enthusiast, you do not want to
      miss this event.

      Please register to attend by
      visiting our web site at
      (http://www.bubbledrome.com) ,
      or by sending your snail mail
      address to me at
      _chasgould@... (mailto:
      chasgould@aolDOTcom) ,
      and we will be sure to send you
      an invitational brochure and
      registration packet.

      We have hosted this event for
      eleven years now, and it has
      become an incredible
      phenomenon. This is a "European
      Style Driving Event" with many
      tours, lots of great food,
      drink, camaraderie, and social
      interaction. It is not some
      hot, boring "Park & Polish" car
      show on an asphalt parking lot,
      where we sit for six hours and
      answer questions about our

      This event has gained
      incredible momentum, and you
      really do owe it to yourself to
      participate. It is one of the
      few events that all of the
      wives and girlfriends tend to
      enjoy as well, so bring them
      along. The food and drinks are
      incredible and a grand time is
      guaranteed to all who attend.
      Just ask anyone who has
      attended prior Gould Classic

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