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Re: =CROSLEY= Little Chief, 1952

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      Fly & harwood operated as an auto reapir shop and used car lot on Madison Ave in Memphis.  The Little Chief fire trucks were built in their garage and sold to amusement operators.  I am not certain when they went out of business, but their building and property fell victim to the widening of Danny Thomas Blvd. through the center of downtown Memphis sometime in the 1960s.

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      Subject: =CROSLEY= Little Chief, 1952

      Bill, thanks for the Fly & Harwood Little Chief photo! It's in our photo archives. What's left of Fly & Harwood these days?

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      1. Little Chief - Vintage Photo
      From: Bill Cunningham

      2a. Re: Little-Toot Comes Home
      From: Howard Ballard

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      1. Little Chief - Vintage Photo
      Posted by: "Bill Cunningham" billsgarage@ hotmail.com billsgarage2
      Date: Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:30 am ((PDT))

      Found a neat vintage photo in the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper of a Fly & Harwood Little Chief fire truck in a fire prevention parade in 1952. Just a few blocks from where it was built. Link below:

      http://www.commerci alappeal. com/photos/ 2009/oct/ 09/133988/

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      2a. Re: Little-Toot Comes Home
      Posted by: "Howard Ballard" tvr3_bc@yahoo. com tvr3_bc
      Date: Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:51 am ((PDT))

      Hi Murray,
      I am really west, (Vancouver, B.C. area)
      Howard Ballard

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      Subject: =CROSLEY= Re: Little-Toot Comes Home
      To: Crosley@yahoogroups .com
      Date: Monday, October 12, 2009, 9:20 AM


      Thanks, Murray, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
      That theft episode had to have had a profound personal impact on Howard. I lost a set of Crosley hubcaps in a garage invasion in the early 1990s. They tried to fence them the same day and no one never bothered to get a license number.

      Our reward still goes. And you ARE the Western Canada CCOC Chapter president!

      Thanks again, Murray. Best wishes to you, your family and to Howard on this Thanksgiving.

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      "Murray" <murray.mill@ ...> wrote:

      "Update on Howard's 51 Crosley station wagon that was vandalized a week ago. As of today the car has been returned by Howard to one of its previous owners. This is Murray Mill, of Calgary, Alberta. The car is now Safe & Sound in my garage and has its own fan Club (My two teenage children). We have 4 Crosleys in our 2 Car garage. I think it's time I started a Western Canada Crosley Car Club Chapter! It will be Thanksgiving Day in Canada tomorrow, and Howard Titman has truly given my family something to be thankful for. He has blessed us with the return of "Little-Toot" and now begins the search for replacement pieces for those stolen last weekend in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
      > Murray Mill

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