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Re: Old versus new.

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  • mrcooby
    tim foster wrote: Between 1969 and about 1989 there were two Crosley clubs that co-existed peaceably. We will respect all clubs and require the
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      tim foster <timtmaker@...> wrote:

      Between 1969 and about 1989 there were two Crosley clubs that co-existed peaceably. We will respect all clubs and require the same.

      I had never realized that the two clubs existed concurrently- I thought that the CCOC died out in the sixties.  
      That is true, Tim. The CCOC never actually disbanded at that time, it just faded. I still paid my $3.00 dues into the early 1970s and for that got an occasional newsletter which offered a discount on Crosley parts.
      Do you have any details about that period of CCOC?  Did they hold meets, publish newsletters, etc?  I know they were really active in the fifties but I've never seen anything from the later period.  What happened to the club in '89?
      The CCOC was totally dormant by the 1970s; you might be thinking of the Miamisburg Crosley Car Club, which faded after its 20-year founder/president Juanita Cummins passed on.
      The MCCC was basically a newsletter club. I was a member, though I can't recall any in-person meets. Anyone know if there were?

      Back to the early CCOC:

      The CCOC meets were officially called "Get-Togethers". The first was in Metropolitan Park, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on July 18, 1954; the event chairman was W. T. Palmer of Akron, Ohio.
      130 CCOC members, family members and guests from 12 states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Indiana, Michigan, Delaware, North Carolina, New Jersey, Minnesota, Maryland and Florida) attended in 43 Crosleys and eight non-Crosley cars. Local police escorted the Crosleys in convoy on a tour of the city.

      Prizes were awarded as follows:
      *Longest-Distance Driven:
      Mr. & Mrs. M. W. Washburn, Tampa FL (4 new tires).
      *Best-Kept Crosley:
      Tom Lees, S. Euclid OH.
      *First To Arrive:
      S.P.Hickman, Jr., Phila. PA
      *Lowest CCOC Number there:
      Richard L. Martin, Newell WV
      *Highest CCOC Number there:
      Jim Alfredson, E.Lansing MI.

      The main topic of conversation was the future of the Crosley, followed by the usual operational, service and parts problems and ideas for bigger and better CCOC Get-Togethers.

      Trivia: Home movies of the event show CCOCers wearing suits and dresses. Faribault MN dealer Charlie Nicholas caused a sensation in his "Flying Saucer", built with Crosley parts. One CCOC member, R. L. Martindale of E. Lansing MI, never arrived due to a failed generator in his '52 CD Sport Convertible. Picnic lunches were served.
      The second annual CCOC Get-Together was on August 14, 1955 at Menlo Park, Perkasie, Pennsylvania with David Wilson of Perkasie the event chairman. Hurricane Connie caused some cancellations.
      37 Crosleys from ten states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New Hampshire, Virginia and North Carolina) drew a thousand local spectators to the grounds. A six-mile Crosley convoy tour followed.

      Prizes were awarded as follows:
      *Longest-Distance Driven:
      Fred. H. Murry, 2451 Grand Ave., Dayton, Ohio, 560 miles. (Four new tires)
      *Best-Kept Stock Crosley:
      Harold Brill, 6628 N. 18th St., Phila. PA (Gold trophy, two tires and a compass)
      *Best Restored Crosley:
      Howard D. Matthews, 6175 Little Richmond Rd., Dayton OH (Compass, 2 quarts of oil, ashtray, backup lights)
      *First CCOC Member There:
      O. K. Perkins, 6A Melba Ct., Brooklyn NY (Compass and fuel pump).
      *Best Modified Crosley:
      Roy E. Wilson, 54 Overlook Rd., Upper Montclair NJ with his Crosley's heavily-chromed engine and bright-red paint. (Ashtray, backup lights and compass).
      *Lowest CCOC Number There:
      Ralph G. Morrill, 436 N. Forklanding Rd., Maple Shade NJ (Two tires).
      Highest CCOC Number There:
      Arthur J. Timm, 323 Miller Place, Mt. Vernon NY (Fuel pump and compass).
      (Those prizes were donated by Ed Herzog, George W. Drum and Service Motors.)

      Trivia: Chairman David Wilson provided free ride tickets to all CCOC members and guests.
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