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Re: CCOC national meet?

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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2009
      I think our best opportunity for successful CCOC meets would be to just tie into larger, already-existing meets.

      On Sunday last I witnessed the Nash Car Club of America being part of the great, huge Lake Forest IL AACA Illinois Region 60th Annual meet. About 12-14 Nashes attended.
      Also there: Packards of Chicagoland, Stanley Steamers, and tons of 1950s fins (the theme), all gorgeous.

      What say we shoot for attending *that* with a big CCOC sign next year?


      --- In Crosley@yahoogroups.com, Robert Kirk <kirkbrit@...> wrote:

      "I believe I speak for Lou that the CCOC would prefer for now to remain autonomous.  The idea of a meet or show is something just now being put on the table and it seems with a strong lobbying by Dayton Ohio.  I had hoped for a little more input but I can attest that Lou, Paul Gorrell and I enjoyed the day at the micro meet in suburban Chicago.  An Orphan meet would be nice a an Orphan meet of micro cars is a little more on target, IMHO. 

      I also am honored to be invited to an AACA meet in Dayton I just haven't heard the parameters of how we would be involved as Crosley owners and what would be expected to display our cars and what if any awards we would be considered. 

      Just my 2 cents....

      Robert Kirk
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