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Crosleys at Fort Lee, Virginia.

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  • mrcooby
    Crosley Cars Are Popular With Fort Lee Personnel Fort Lee personnel with an eye for economy have come up with another answer to the way to stretch their pay
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      Crosley Cars Are Popular

      With Fort Lee Personnel

      Fort Lee personnel with an eye for economy have come up with another answer to the way to stretch their pay dollars to meet the needs of today's high cost of living.

      A number of the service personnel stationed at the Quartermaster Training Command's Fort Lee have purchased the small Crosley cars which went out of production in 1952.

      The small cars are reported by their owners to be the most economical car to operate that they have ever found, and although the cars have been out of production for five years, parts are plentiful and inexpensive.

      The engine which powers the miniatures is being used now to power speed boats, power plants, and other equipment, and is being produced and marketed for that purpose. This engine is easily interchanged with the engine of the Crosley, so the new owners have no trouble with replacement of engines.

      The engine develops 26 and a half horsepower at 5400 rpm and gets around 35 miles per gallon of gas. It is a four-cylinder, valve-in-head engine with an overhead cam shaft and five main bearings.

      One of the Crosley line, the Crosley Hot-Shot, won the LeMans Race in France in 1953. The car was a midget sporter built for one year by the manufacturer for racing and sporting use.

      The Crosley is still being marketed in 18 countries.

      Lt. Col. Charles Wainwright of Fort Lee , U. S. Army Hospital drives a 1952 2-door sedan and is a. member of the Crosley Car Owner's Club. He carries club number 1904. Another member of the club, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, carries number 1300.

      President Eisenhower uses his Crosley for a caddy cart on the golf course.

      Sfc. Forrest E. Wray, Post Troop Information NCO, is another member of the Crosley Car Owners Club, and carries number 1872.

      Sergeant Wray, who does sign painting in civilian life, has decorated his car in black and pink and christened her "Mighty Mite."

      Other Fort Lee personnel who have purchased the small autos include: Capt. Clifford A. Housman, USAH; Capt. Richard Trigilio, USAH; Capt. Gerome Brown, USAH; M-Sgt. Joseph E. Bernardini, USAH;. and Sgt. Floyd Adams, 109lh -QM Co.

      Sergeant Bernardini drives a model built in 1952 and named the Farm-0-Road. The Farm-0-Road is a miniature of the well-known military jeep, and is complete with a dual transmission and power take-off with hoist. The sergeant bought his miniature jeep for use in driving to work and for the purpose of plowing. He owns a small farm near Fort Lee , and the Farm-O-Road is used around the farm for light plowing and farm work as well as

      over the highways.

      The owners of Crosleys today do most of their own repair work, and have procured service manuals from the supply houses for this purpose.


      (Progress-Index, Petersburg-Colonial Heights VA, Sunday July 14, 1957.)

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