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For your information Mr Baylay

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  • Robert Kirk
    I have only just now read the September 28 article by S. Bayley.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/sep/28/motoring.cars1 I applaud his insights and
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      I have only just now read the September 28 article by S. Bayley. 
      I applaud his insights and respect his somewhat subjective top 10 but must take issue to a repeating falsehood as regards the "first" US post war "sports car."
      While the 1953 Corvette is a laudable choice for the list, it is NOT the first US sports car after the war.  That honer instead belongs to Crosley who produced the Hot Shot in 1949.  Crosley was the first US automaker to introduce 4 wheel disc brakes, not only to the Hot Shot but its entire line in that year.  Further, lest the character be challenged it was a Hot Shot in January 1950 which was the first winner of the first Sebring Race out distancing all its competition which included a Ferrari. 
      The Corvette with its then state of the art styling and fiberglass body had the look of a "sports car" but is in fact an exercise in looks over achievement with its complete lack of original character to steering, suspension, and "fat" un-tweeked standard fare 6 cylinder motor shared with all its siblings including small and medium lorries of the time. 
      Thanks for the opportunity to correct Britain's "second most intelligent person". Now armed with this insight he may well be on to being Britain's "#1"

      Robert Kirk

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