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  • mrcooby
    W R wrote: The Question we put out to everyone was if there was a CC Business Coupe did it have a rear seat, or was the seat deleted. If the
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      W R <racerpete84@>

      The Question we put out
      to everyone was if
      there was a " CC
      Business Coupe" did it
      have a rear seat, or
      was the seat deleted.
      If the seat was a
      delete, was some kind
      of rack, or slat style
      floor put in it's
      place. We would like to
      set ours up as
      a "business coupe" with
      some salesman's
      children's toys type
      samples in the rear

      Pete & Paula
      I'll try to answer with
      some attempt at fact
      but I'm sure that no
      one in the Crosley
      world now has seen such
      a car.

      Crosley tried to appeal
      to the fleet and
      commercial market and
      did succeed in that to
      a degree. There is no
      known CC fleet
      literature except for
      mentions toward the
      pickup truck and panel
      delivery (and earlier,
      the Parkway Delivery).
      The first CC was
      already a stripper as
      offered and only needed
      a rear-seat deletion
      and the elimination of
      door panels (and
      perhaps the floor mat)
      to complete the effort.

      But customer input led
      to dealer pressure to
      dress the CCs a bit.
      Soon came more colors
      instead of just Crosley
      Gray, beltline
      moldings, bumper
      guards, a hood
      ornament, a convertible
      option, ashtrays and
      perhaps a few other
      things. It was still
      easy to delete these
      things for fleet sales,
      but no such literature
      has surfaced to date.

      Crosley had people
      whose job was to call
      on fleet customers to
      find out their needs.
      It was easy to
      dress/undress Crosleys
      any way a client would

      In the 1980s AT&T used
      Crosley-like Chevette
      Scooters, but to my
      knowledge few if any of
      these have survived,
      and I'd guess the same
      fate befell the fleet
      CCs and CDs.

      Since no one has seen
      such a car that leaves
      only guesswork. To my
      mind a fleet CC
      business sedan is
      battleship gray with
      Chinese Red wheels, no
      beltline moldings and a
      body-color bare rear
      floor. It's conceivable
      a rack was offered to
      fleet customers but
      this has been lost in
      the mists of time.

      Now, if a customer
      walked in off the
      street and asked for
      such a CC model, I see
      the dealer calling the
      distributor asking for
      a seat-delete retail
      price on a standard
      floor-model CC. That
      car would have a bare
      body-color rear floor
      but with mats in the
      footwells. The dealer's
      next car would be
      ordered without a rear
      seat and the first
      car's leftover seat
      would be popped in by
      the dealer. That was
      only possible with such
      a looseknit operation
      as Crosley.

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