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Fwd: Warning on 'Grouply':

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  • mrcooby
    ... West_Coast_Crosleys@yahoogrou ps.com: Grouply is a spam originator and sent West Coast Crosleys a join-us message using one of our members names, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2008
      --- In

      'Grouply' is a spam
      originator and sent West
      Coast Crosleys a "join-us"
      message using one of our
      members' names, and that
      message was quickly deleted.

      Avoid Grouply.

      If Grouply appropriates
      your name, you'll have to be
      placed on moderation until
      that infection - that's what
      it is - is negated, which
      can only be done by the

      Grouply infects you through
      a message using another real
      person's name saying
      something like "we share the
      Crosley discussion group",
      but it's a scam.
      Just delete it.

      That aside, enjoy the
      weekend. I'll be out in
      my '42 Liberty Sedan with
      its newly-rebuilt engine. If
      anyone needs a Waukesha Cub
      150 engine rebuilt, I can
      heartily recommend Mr. Al
      Calvin of Montpelier, Ohio.

      =Lou Rugani=

      --- End forwarded message ---
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