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    Thanks for the reply Robert. I m not trying to replicate or even come close to the original color, which I believe is the burgundy you re speaking about. I
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 23, 2008
      Thanks for the reply Robert. I'm not trying to replicate or even come close to the original color, which I believe is the burgundy you're speaking about. I want as bright a red as I can get.  I'm going single stage coating. The pickup I saw at Wauseon was the red I'd like to have. Sort of a Chinese red. The owner was from Ma. but out membership roster has 17 members for that state and I'm at a loss to pick the right one.  
         Thanks anyway............pete
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      I would offer two notes to red.  First most reds are an orange red.  I don't like orange in my red.  There are however two reds I find remarkably red.  A 70s era acrylic enamal used by ford.  The formulation is a deep burgandy with a lot of white to bring it to a red.  ALSOLUTELY no orange.  The other is Chrysler Viper red which is a two stage. 
      I always thought "Ferrari Red" was nice until I inquired to find they have used MANY formulas over the years and getting any of them is nigh on impossible.
      My advice if you like two stage is visit a car lot or many, find the color of choice and ask for the code.  OR if you preder acrylic, go to an old car show and find a color of appeal and ask the owner...they almost always know and often are quick to share.

      Robert Kirk
      www.kirks-auto. com

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