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Chicago-area 1946 CC on eBay:

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  • mrcooby
    eBay # 170258998073 1946 Crosley Business Coupe Serial Numbers by Model Year The body serial number is located inside the engine compartment, Top dead center
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      eBay # 170258998073


      1946 Crosley Business Coupe

      Serial Numbers by Model Year

      The body serial number is located inside the engine compartment, Top dead center of the firewall. (Serial Numbers start with "CC")


      1946 CC46-100 to CC46-5205


      This Crosley serial number is very early in 1946



      The CC series was introduced in mid 1946 and were refereed to as 1947 model year, since they have a unique serial number most people refer to them as 1946 models.


      Post War - Production Numbers




















      The 1946 Crosley two door sedan was a tiny little car with a wheelbase of only 80 inches and an overall length of just 145 inches. That is just twelve feet one inch long! Base price of these cars was $905.00.


      It has a 4 cylinder, 44 cubic inch, 26.5hp engine connected to a three speed manual transmission.


      There is no outside access to the "trunk", but there is storage behind the rear seat.

       The car rides on very small 4.5 x 12 inch tires.


      There is much debate on whether or not there was a sedan called the business coupe. I have been told this was a business coupe for the following reasons. There is no passenger side wiper and there is no headliner, door panels or screw hole for the visors on the inside. This rare #595 out of 4987 made in 1946 is one of the first sedans ever made or maybe a "Business Coupe" or both!

      This 1946 Crosley is not quite road worthy and needs a little mechanical work before taking it out for a spin. The last time it was running was in 1990.

      Here are the positive features!


      +New Paint Job!

      +New Crosley Wiring Harness!

      +New Tires & Tubes!

      +New rubber floor mat!

      +Engine is the reliable Cast Iron Block!

      +Engine Turns Over!

      +Original Radiator was recently re-cored!

      +Brakes, Exhaust, Drivetrain are good!

      +Interior looks good!

      +(Might be original seats)

      +Clear Illinois Title

      +Only 17,400 Miles!


      Here are the Negative features.


      -Engine turns over with no spark.

      +(Could be simple points, cap & rotor)

      -The floors boards were rusted at one time.

      +(Front floor boards are now fiberglass)

      -Rear window glass is cracked.

      -Door windows and ΒΌ windows need weatherstrips.

      -Body does have bondo and some bubbles are appearing.

      -Wrong fuel tube installed.

      -Carb probably needs to be rebuilt.

      -Gas tank & fuel lines need to be cleaned.


      What Does This Rare 1946 Crosley Need?


      This Antique Car needs a new owner with mechanical experience or money to finish this project and get it back onto the road and bring it to car shows or to show off in your neighborhood!


      1946 Crosley Standard 2 Door Sedan



      Original MSRP: $905


      Low Retail

      Average Retail Value

      High Retail

      Base Price












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