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Re: =CROSLEY= 1951 VC Super Sports in Shawville PA: eBay.

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  • berard_m@bellsouth.net
    Great condition for it s age?...... Uh huh. What s that mean?........ I m in great condition for my age. Got one foot sub terra. Don t smoke. No knocking when
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2008
      Great condition for it's age?...... Uh huh. What's that mean?........ 
      I'm in great condition for my age. Got one foot sub terra. Don't smoke. No knocking when operating at slow speeds. Some wobble at speed. Small leaks and dribbles here and there. (wish I leaked more and dribbled less) Occasional rumbling in read end. A few dents and scratches. Frequently backfire out the intake. Needs refinishing. Strange smell. Seeking young blond well endowed buyer for new ownership.    As is.    No warranty implied or intended................peter 
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      From: mrcooby
      Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2008 3:13 PM
      Subject: =CROSLEY= 1951 VC Super Sports in Shawville PA: eBay.

      • It's eBay #180282865717.
      • Shipping: Buyer is responsible for all costs involved with the pick up and or shipment of this vehicle. This vehicle is located in Shawville, Pennsylvania and the zipcode is 16873.
      • Current Condition: This vehicle is in great condition for its age.  It is a 1951 model with  23,573 miles on it. It has not been run in the past three years and was apart for painting but the parts are there and included with the sale. 

      • Description: This is a fine 1951 Crosley Super Sport Convertible. It is the traditional cream color with a black interior. The car is complete, but apart for painting. It was running three years ago when put away. The engine has been rebuilt, there is a new gas tank and a new floor mat. There are two books included with this fine car. It has an AM radio.


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