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Re:1949 Crosley HotShot mystery:

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  • mrcooby
    Robert Kirk kirkbrit@ wrote: That s a Super Sport not a Hot Shot Lou. ======================== Right, Bob; I was repeating the description.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 28, 2008
      Robert Kirk kirkbrit@

      "That's a Super Sport
      not a Hot Shot Lou."
      Right, Bob; I was
      repeating the
      "The trim rings proper
      from Crosley were all
      the way to the hub
      cap.  What this car
      sports are the common
      aftermarket type for
      13, 14 and 15 inch
      I asked the owner about
      those and he said they
      were there at the time
      he purchased it.
      "The fact they are on
      12 inch wheels is
      something I have never
      personally seen but
      they are definately not
      OEM nor likely that
      I'm wondering if those
      even are 12" wheels.
      "Butch Williams at
      Service Motors
      indicates he may have
      another production run
      of trim rings and I
      hear via the grapevine
      another is also
      considering doing
      them....the proper
      Crosley style."
      Yes, I lent Bruce a
      mint trim ring for
      reproducing. I do like
      the way the cars look
      with them.
      "FWIW, I now stock all
      the polyurethane
      bushings for the leaf
      springs of all
      cars, and also the VC
      and CD shocks with the
      threaded pin style poly
      bushes.  Hope to soon
      also have the loop end
      bush.  VC owners might
      also be interesed in
      better than OEM coil
      shock isolators in poly
      and rubber pads to
      protect both bumper and
      over rider
      Thank you again for all
      your parts-reproduction
      efforts on our behalf,
      Robert. And put me down
      for hubcaps if-and-when.
      "Trying to get all that
      posted on my web site. 
      Still looking to make
      VC, prewar and whatever
      tops and side curtains
      when/if anyone cares to
      send me a proper
      fitting (regardless of
      condition) example. 
      For the lucky person a
      deep deep discount
      would be afforded for a
      new highest quality
      Stayfast material top
      and side curtain set."
      > Regards,
      > Robert Kirk
      > www.kirks-auto.com
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