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977Re: Crosley Movie Blog site

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  • mrcooby
    May 2, 2008
      I adjusted the URL,
      Russell, so it would
      show. I always thought
      the book should be
      filmed, too. How can we
      here at the CCOC help?

      Russell Pinto wrote:

      > Hello:
      > My name is Russell
      Pinto and I have been
      helping with the
      marketing of the
      Crosley book.  We have
      started a blog called
      > We are trying to
      generate enough
      interest through the
      blog so some director /
      producer will see the
      interest in the Crosley
      brothers, their life
      story and their
      fabalous products that
      they might consider the
      movie venture.
      > Currently there is a
      documentary being made
      called "Radio Changed
      America" and I was
      successful in
      contacting the director
      and sending him the
      Crosley book so the
      brothers get their due
      > I invite all of you
      to write you comments
      on the blog and also
      ask your firends and
      other acquaintances to
      do so.
      > Thanks
      > Happy Blogging
      > Russell
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