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672Check your cap and rotor

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  • Peter Berard
    Oct 5, 2007
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      "Dear Fred," an advice columnist.
       Dear Fred:
       I really need your help. I was driving to work, and I was only a block from
      home when the car stalled and would not re-start even thought I had  plenty
      of gas. I walked back home to discover my husband prancing around the house
      in my make-up and underwear. He tried to say that he was just out of
      underwear, but finally admitted he had been wearing my clothes for about a
      year. He lost his job 18 months ago and has been near-suicidal with
      depression. I don't want to push him over the edge, but I am really at a
      loss  as what to do. I can't eat or sleep. Please help.
       A worried wife
       Dear worried wife:
       It sounds like a problem with the fuel injector. I would take the
      distributor  cap off, wipe down all of the connections and replace any worn
      caps, and try  to restart it. Check the hoses for leaks, and change the
      spark plugs. Good  luck.