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592Fender skirts?

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  • mrcooby
    Aug 1, 2007
      In 1986 I bought a '50
      CD sedan to save it
      from whatever bad luck
      might befall it on the
      open market. It had a
      pair of unmounted
      fender skirts in the
      luggage compartment and
      three tiny holes in the
      rear fender panel.

      I gave the car to Bill
      Jalensky, who then gave
      it to Bill Houghton in
      Texas. But Bill forgot
      to give Bill the
      skirts, and they were
      lost in a subsequent
      house fire. (Bill has
      since sold the car, I
      heard from his son-in-

      I'd seen Crosley skirts
      on rare occasion, but I
      always thought the
      CCs/CDs looked better
      without them. The VCs
      do look nice with
      skirts, I think.

      Skirts were never a
      Crosley option, and I'm
      guessing they're JC
      Whitney or equivalent.


      <berard_m@...> wrote:

      I think the rear fender
      cut outs are the same
      judging from the
      pictures in the club
      photo gallery. If we
      don't get any response
      from the members, I've
      got a friend who
      restores WW2 T6
      aircraft and has an
      English wheel. Might be
      he could roll a few
      pair at a reasonable
      price. It would take
      some metal fabrication
      to finish, but he can
      produce the blister.
      Club member Tim
      Freshley does some
      beautiful sheet metal
      work. Maybe he could be

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      From: Robert Kirk
      Sent: Monday, July 30,
      2007 6:36 PM
      Subject: =CROSLEY=

      > Did the SS have
      skirts? I want some
      for an HS.....same???
      > RK
      > Regards,
      > Robert Kirk
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