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450Intermittent lack of power.

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  • Louis Rugani
    Apr 1, 2007
      Today we get word of a CCOC member with a strange problem.

      It seems the car was very, very underpowered.

      The cause for that was never determined, but it didn't really bother our fellow CCOC member as he lived in rural Illinois where there are no hills and little traffic, so he could still enjoy the car.

      No, the really irritating thing about the car was the way the car slowed way down every mile. In fact it would momentarily slow almost to a halt to where you'd think it would stall, and then slowly began to pick up speed again. Things were fine for a few minutes, and then the same thing would happen, and that was the situation that was untenable, so he appealed to us for help.

      Some of our fellow CCOC members went out there last year at this time to diagnose the slowing-down problem. Well, they never could find the reason for the lack of power, but after a number of test drives they did narrow down why his weak-engined car would slow way down once every mile -

      It was the odometer turning over.

      I remember that was a year ago today, April 1.
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