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4101Re: =CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB= The first white shoulder line.

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  • Pete
    Aug 27, 2014
        I think the first white line on the ditch side that I saw to enhance driving would have to be in the Carolinas in the 1950s.
      What a blessing that was for my guidance driving 6 volt cars in the 1950s vintage.
      1500  miles from Moody Air Force Base to Winslow Maine, over half was 2 lane roads.
      Getting to New Jersey was mixed emotions. First super HI way. First bad traffic.
        Eye balls were stuck out on stems.
      Folks can’t know how poor lighting we had.
         Took 32 hours straight through.
      No sleep.
      Not a wink.
      Ice cubes in my shorts to stay awake.
      Sent: Friday, August 8, 2014 2:43 PM
      Subject: =CROSLEY CAR OWNERS CLUB= The first white shoulder line.

      Countless lives have been saved on the road, and the Ohio Department of Transportation is honoring a local man's invention, that long white line ... the edge line running along most streets and highways across the country.

      The very first was in Marietta, Ohio in the 1950s. John Edward White, Sr. came up with the idea on a foggy night. His family said it was impossible to safely stay on the road, so White used spraypaint and a Crosley to create the first edge line on State Route 550 near Marietta, Ohio. Ohio DOT paired the invention with a centerline truck to perfect the concept of even lanes.

      Family members say White was always looking to help others. "When I see the edge line, I think of my parents. Dad was always a community person. He did not want any recognition for himself. That's just the kind of person he was," says David White. John White didn't get a patent and he wasn't paid for his invention. His family says he was just happy to have made an impact.

      There's now a plaque in his honor at the marker 6 rest area on Interstate 77. ODOT plans to move it to rest areas throughout the state every few months

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