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3962Poem: "For Sale on eBay"

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  • mrcooby
    May 9, 2014

      For Sale on eBay:

      A Crosley in primer ... 
      Might be a '48er
      Or a late '49er,

      Bought her last year
      From original owner,
      Figured my project
      Could use her as donor.

      Been sittin' outside

      Since I gave up the ghost.
      Kinda lost interest,
      And the wife says it's toast.

      Now she just sits there
      On the back forty,
      But she gotta be worth about
      Thirty or forty.

      'Cause they don't make them no more
      And that's reason enough
      To finish her up
      Even though she looks rough.

      Pulled the motor last year
      When I figured I'd rod it -
      It goes with the car.
      (I think I still got it.)

      My brother come over
      Thanksgiving last year,
      Done jumped on the roof
      After twelve or so beers.

      Thought it had bumpers
      At the estate sale that time.
      If I find 'em they're yours
      And you clean off the grime.

      Steering wheel's  missing,
      And I banged in that door.
      Still mighty rare, folks;
      You can't get them no more.

      Couple of years,
      She'll run like the deuce;
      Burns either gas
      Or tobacco juice.

      So bid her up high!
      Just bear it and grin,

      Cause it's a doggone good Crosley
      For the shape that it's in."


      That Crosley for sale,

      Only fit for the dump,
      Must surely be owned by
      A bit of a chump.

      To allow a Crosley
      To run down so bad,
      Must plainly imply
      That the owner is mad.

      Crosleys are meant
      For use, not abuse;
      And were never intended
      To be owned by a goose.

      They were built to stand up
      To our rough wear and tear,
      And they'll beat newer cars
      At getting you there.

      We are CCOCers,
      And drive Crosley cars,
      And we know how reliable

      Crosley cars are.

      You can run them for years

      With little expense,
      On just gas and oil
      And plain common sense.