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  • Carol & Jarl de Boer
    Mar 15, 2014
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      This is Jarl and Carol de Boer. We are in Walnut Creek in Northern
      California. Among our (too many) cars are a 1952 Super sedan with 6500
      original miles, originally owned and still titled to Emmett Kelly the
      famous circus clown who used a Crosley to develop the "Clown Car"
      principle. (the secret was a lack of floor and engine. The Crosley was
      walked in by the "driver" appearing to steer and all. It was parked over
      a hidden trap door and Presto! 30 or so clowns came piling out the
      doors.) This one was his complete and regular driver car. It is fully
      accessorized with radio and heater and the bird ornament on the hood and
      the regular one as a pair on the fenders. a Crosley SuperSports,
      modified with Bearcat 900cc and Fiat 4 speed transmission, a Nardi
      Crosley roadster with Devin body, an early 50s SCCA racer, and last, a
      Crosley powered Giaur GranSport with both SCCA and extensive vintage
      racing history.

      As I have passed my 80th, I'm going to clear out a bunch of excess parts
      from 60+ years of accumulating. Among those are @10 dismantled Crosley
      engines (all CIBA) that owe me no more than a $100 bill for the lot. If
      interested, please contact. For now, the cars are keepers!

      Hope to see you on the road. Jarl
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