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3380Emmett Kelly's '51 CD sedan is for sale.

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  • LouRugani
    Dec 9, 2012
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      The Tombstone Western Heritage Museum in Tombstone, Arizona was fortunate to have become friendly with the famous Ringling clown Emmett Kelly, Jr., who lived in Tombstone. Before Kelly passed away, he donated his 1951 Crosley to that museum with 6,952 original miles on it, and it is radio-equipped, in excellent condition and original except for the tubes and tires. Museum staff drove it into the building, drained the gas tank, and it hadn't been run since. The museum also had gotten a large collection of Emmett's personal memorabilia valued at around $8,000, including three of Kelly's circus-act props - a rope, the broom, and his umbrella.

      Now the Tombstone Western Heritage Museum wants to cash out on Kelly's gifted CD, saying that it doesn't fit the concept of their mission, or something, and never mind that Kelly donated the car to them or that Kelly was a Tombstonian himself. The Tombstone Western Heritage Museum is looking to get $14,000+ for the CD and all of Kelly's memorabilia.