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  • LouRugani
    Dec 4, 2012
      California Legacy Plates: Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to establish the California Legacy License Plate Program to issue a series of specialized license plates that replicate plates from the state's past. At least 7,500 applications for any one particular plate must be received by the DMV on or before January 1, 2015.

      Iowa Ethanol: Defeated was legislation that would have changed labeling requirements on gas pumps to only require labeling for unblended gasoline and E85. If the bill had passed, it would have removed labeling requirements for ethanol blended gasoline containing 15% or less ethanol, thereby increasing the risk of misfueling and potential engine damage. Unblended gas is required to be labeled, but no guarantee was made that unblended gas would be available.

      Maryland Historic Vehicles: The legislature tabled legislation that originally threatened to limit the use of historic vehicles despite the inclusion of amendments that would have protected historic vehicle owners. House and Senate lawmakers intend to further research the issue.

      Nebraska Special Interest Vehicles: Legislation to create a registration class and special license plate for special-interest motor vehicles was signed into law by Governor Dave Heineman. The new law authorizes a single license plate on the rear of special-interest vehicles of any age which are being collected, preserved, restored or maintained by the owner as a leisure pursuit and not used for general transportation of persons or cargo. Special-interest motor vehicles can be driven for occasional transportation, public displays, parades and related pleasure or hobby activities. Deleted were provisions that would have forced owners to account for all daily-driver vehicles and submit a sworn affidavit that the vehicle would not be used for daily transportation.

      Pennsylvania Year-of-Manufacture Plates: Legislation to provide vehicle owners the option of using vintage, original model-year license plates on antique vehicles was signed into law by Governor Tom Corbett. Vintage plates must have been issued by the state between the years 1906 and 1975, must be provided by the vehicle owner and legible from a reasonable distance.

      West Virginia Property Tax: A bill to provide a cap on property taxes paid by owners of vintage vehicles was vetoed by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin due to a technical issue. It would have penalized most antique vehicle owners whose cars are worth less than $5,000.

      West Virginia Collector Car Appreciation Day: West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin issued a proclamation recognizing July 13, 2012, as Collector Car Appreciation Day.

      Collector Car Appreciation Day: Senate Resolution 452 designates July 13, 2012 as the 3rd Annual Collector Car Appreciation Day.

      Low-Volume Vehicle Production: In case someone wants to restart Crosley production, Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) introduced a bipartisan bill in the U.S. House of Representatives to enable low-volume car manufacturers - 1,000 a year or less - to produce vehicles. The "Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act" directs the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the EPA to establish a regulatory structure to facilitate production of these cars. The United States currently has just one system designed for companies that mass-produce millions of vehicles. The cars would meet current emissions standards and companies would be permitted to install clean engines already certified by another manufacturer. The bill will be reintroduced for consideration when the new Congress convenes in 2013.

      E15 Ethanol: The EPA has made it "illegal" to put E15 in pre-2001 vehicles, but all we have to warn us is a gas-pump label cautioning motorists not to misfuel their older vehicles. The ruling is still subject to further court review. There's an effort to ban all E15 sales until the National Academies study is released on E15 damages.
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