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2538Even a Crosley couldn't squeeze in.

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  • LouRugani
    Apr 1, 2011
      Oneonta NY: "The Gunny Sack", August 21, 1952:

      * * *
      Attention motorist 4L-8418: it's people like you who cause tie-ups on Oneonta's Main Street.
      Whether you know it or not, or don't care, you were parked yesterday not in one metered zone, but in two. And neither meter showed white.
      Because you were parked in two zones at once, it made it doubly difficult for cars trying to squeeze into one of the zones or the
      In fact, a little Crosley we noticed trying to sneak into one of the spots couldn't, for fear of being crushed against you.

      In the future, could you please use a litle more courtesy, as the police suggest, and make it a little easier for your fellow motorists? Thank you.
      * * *