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  • LouRugani
    Nov 3 5:08 PM
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      The current issue of Reminisce magazine includes a photograph of a 2-year-old boy seated on the hood of a 1947 "Big Ben" Crosley car in Maryville. Reminisce has often featured Crosleys with their owners.

      The photograph and story came from Carl Meredith in Raleigh, N.C. He was the child in the photograph.

      He recalled that his father thought the car had only enough power to fall out of a tree. The "Big Ben" clanging sound came when the doors were slammed shut.

      Crosley was the last company to cease civilian car production during World War II, mainly because factories in Richmond and Marion, Indiana, were too small for the War Department to figure out what else to make there.

      At one point in time, ALCOA foremen in the North Plant drove Crosleys to get around the 50-acre area. A collector still has the Crosley fire truck which for many years was parked at the Alcoa Fire Department.