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1806Re: New member / HotShot barn find

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  • LouRugani
    Jan 6, 2010
      Dave, on behalf of all 350+ of us: welcome to the fold, and Happy New Year. There are indeed many of us near you. We know you're in rather a difficult position having only a chassisless VC body, of which chassis have always been very rare. Other Crosley chassis are not interchangeable.

      I think our silence after your introduction post was partly because there wasn't an actual request for help but rest assured we'll be there for you through your difficult search for running gear. This will be a problem, one I've personally never encountered. Has anyone out there any spare VC chassis parts?

      moderator, CCOC

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      - In Crosley@yahoogroups.com, david@... wrote:

      "Yes, I'd love to have any photos you have to share, Fred. I'm leaning toward a fairly authentic restoration at this point. Not committed yet, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the cars, and particularly availability of original or reproduction parts.

      "I gotta admit, I thought I'd get a bit more response from my
      introduction post. I was under the impression that there was a pretty strong, active Crosley community. Looks like you've got a good club at mncrosley.com . I'm hopeful there are some enthusiasts around here. Being 80 miles from Cincinnati, I bet there are. I hear there's a Crosley display at Union Station in Cincy...I might need to take a road trip.

      "Thanks for replying, Fred! :-)

      -dave "

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      Quoting Fred <mncrosley@...>:

      "David, good luck on the Crosley. I can send you detailed photos of
      the VC chassis if it would help, remember that the HotShot chassis
      is different from the sedan/wagons so keep looking or just build
      one. Mechanicals are easy, many sources, a Homelite or any post
      Crosley engine will work too. A little extra power never hurt. If
      you are lucky a chassis might be found, if not, a good replica should be within your skills - nice job on the Lotus replica!

      mncrosley.com "
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