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1798Re: =CROSLEY= Re: New member / HotShot barn find

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  • david@davidandjanine.com
    Jan 4 11:40 PM
      Yes, I'd love to have any photos you have to share, Fred. I'm leaning
      toward a fairly authentic restoration at this point. Not committed
      yet, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the cars, and
      particularly availability of original or reproduction parts.

      I gotta admit, I thought I'd get a bit more response from my
      introduction post. I was under the impression that there was a pretty
      strong, active Crosley community. Looks like you've got a good club
      at mncrosley.com . I'm hopeful there are some enthusiasts around
      here. Being 80 miles from Cincinnati, I bet there are. I hear
      there's a Crosley display at Union Station in Cincy...I might need to
      take a road trip.

      Thanks for replying, Fred! :-)


      Quoting Fred <mncrosley@...>:

      > David, good luck on the Crosley. I can send you detailed photos of
      > the VC chassis if it would help, remember that the HotShot chassis
      > is different from the sedan/wagons so keep looking or just build
      > one. Mechanicals are easy, many sources, a Homelite or any post
      > Crosley engine will work too. A little extra power never hurt. If
      > you are lucky a chassis might be found, if not, a god replica should
      > be withing your skills - nice job on the Lotus replica! Fred,
      > mncrosley.com
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