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1284Re: MPG ?

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  • mrcooby
    Dec 2, 2008
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      "Does anyone know how
      the fuel economy
      changed on the
      Crosley once the
      block was changed,
      from the original
      lightweight motor?"

      Hi, Fred. From the
      inside factory
      correspondence I've
      gathered, the fuel
      consumption actually
      increased a smidgen
      with the CIBA engine.
      The suspected reason
      given (although
      Crosley didn't do an
      actual test) was the
      increased weight of
      the CIBA engine as
      compared to the COBRA
      engine. That minor
      difference was only
      noticeable in heavy
      stop-and-go driving.

      Incidentally, there's
      an original COBRA-
      powered CC sedan
      going around SE

      My almost-first
      Crosley (a CC wagon)
      also almost came from
      the legendary Shorty
      Martin (a CCOC member
      who some of you may
      remember) and it had
      a COBRA engine. When
      I test-drove it the
      engine missed badly,
      and when I questioned
      him about it he got
      mad, said I "didn't
      want a Crosley", went
      into his house and
      slammed the door.

      I had to wait ten
      more years to find my
      first Crosley. (Still
      have it, a '47 Sport

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