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11941952 Crosley Super Sport up for sell in Michigan in Boyne Falls.

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  • carl creed
    Sep 22, 2008
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      Ebay link:


      YouTube link: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=3KZ3a5GmH0w

      Sadly I must sell my 1952 Crosley Super Sport. Vehicle Id# VC40172.
      It seems everyone is selling something they love and cherish to make
      money these days, but these are the things we have to do to survive.

      I bought this car in 1994 from a man in West Virginia I believe it
      was, we have had it ever since and it has always been stored inside a
      garage since . The man I bought it from said something about it being
      in a museum before he bought it, but I dont know which one, and have
      never tried to prove it. It was driven every summer for around 250
      miles each year except for the last three years, We have only had it
      out for a very short drive of around 20 miles. Currently the odometer
      reads 13038, as far as I know that is a correct reading. The car is
      in good shape and worth restoring. Starts and runs fantastically. I
      am posting three videos on Youtube you can watch , just simply go to
      Youtube, then type Smilingsally Crosley (exactly as it appears here ,
      Smilingsally one word.) in the search , it should pop up for you in a
      sec. Or, if you like you may email me , and I can send you the link
      for the site.

      I am unsure of any body work that may have been done on the car
      before I bought it. It is just as I bought it in 1994, we did no work
      on the body what so ever since we bought it. I did put in some car
      carpeting to cover the bare metal floor, but it is only stuck down
      here and there with a little squirt of silicone caulking that will
      remove with no trouble Im sure. The floor is solid and has no give to
      it, there is one scratch around 6 inches long ( as seen in the
      photos ) on the drivers side front fender ( was there when I bought
      it ) but im sure it could be fixed with no problem. There is a little
      rust i will put a picture of just under the door. You can't see it
      when the door is closed, only when it is open, Im sure with some
      cleaning and repair it could be fixed with not much effort. After
      all , it is 56 years old you have to expect something of the kind.

      The Car has a covertable top, I am unsure if it is original or not.
      also when we first bought it , we took the gas tank to a ' tank
      renew ' place and had it done. It is the tank that came with the car
      ( well at least since weve had it )
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