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Progress in Y2K

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  • Victor Asp
    Hi Everyone, It looks like the CriCri list has survived the Y2K computer bug. I survived also. I have made a big jump in my CriCri project in the last two
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2000
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      Hi Everyone,

      It looks like the CriCri list has survived the Y2K computer bug. I
      survived also.

      I have made a big jump in my CriCri project in the last two weeks. I am
      just about to attach the ribs to the horizontal stabilizer spar. The
      spar is finished except for the "pitch control box" (as I call it) parts.
      Once these are complete I will have all of the parts and jigs to begin
      the final assembly of the horizontal stabilizer. I have also started the
      Fin spar

      On the fuselage I have the rear portion pulled together waiting for
      frames and supports to be added. The forward fuselage cradle is complete
      so I can start putting together all of the forward fuselage skin panels.

      In the US, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has a Technical
      Advisor program. I recently had my local chapter's Advisor over to
      inspect my progress and discusss building. It was very encouraging to
      have an expert confirm my progress.

      The questions I am currently addressing are corrosion protection,
      assembly order and purchased components. As for corrosion protection I
      have not found the product "Celomer" and I am not using the glue
      "Araldite" (I am using Dexter Hysol EA9430). After further studying the
      manual I have found the following in Section 15 - Internal Protection,
      "This protection gave me complete satisfation with regard to its ...
      adaptability to gluing. In fact, if that were not the case, it would be
      extremely difficult, for the wing skin for example, to leave numerous
      narrow strips of naked metal opposite the gluing of each rib. The paint
      mentioned above simplifies things considerably, since gluing can be done
      directly on it, without lessening its secure hold." From that reference
      and others I assume that the Araldite/Celomer combination are intended to
      be used on top of each other. As I said before, I am not using Araldite
      and do not have Celomer so I must find another combination that will
      function the same or use another technique. Does anyone else have some
      experience in corrosion protection?

      The assembly of the horizontal stab spar fittings (30704) after the rear
      ribs are applied looks to be quite difficult. The ribs will actually be
      in the way when I try to rivet these fittings in place. What I am going
      to do is to attach the fittings before I glue on the rear ribs. This
      means that I have to cut holes in the flat spar jig so that the spar will
      lay flat while I attach ribs.

      Finally, I am looking into wheels and tires. I have found the website I
      mentioned earlier for wheel chairs. The only question I have is, can the
      wheel and tires for the racing wheel chairs run steady at 60 mph? Do I
      need to use the wheel chair tires and the Azusa wheels if they even
      match. I am still researching this one.

      By the way the list is steady at 55 members.

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