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  • jaxc45
    How does $2500.00 sound.I paid double that for that 30%done kit I bought that I sold and lost my A-- on.Send your e-mail address.Also it came with the plans
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1 9:38 AM
      "How does $2500.00 sound.I paid double that for that 30%done kit I bought that I sold and lost my A-- on.Send your e-mail address.Also it came with the plans and ALL the manuals."


      Wow!  A few days on the group and dressed down already.  Sorry I (and apparently others) misinterpreted that line to mean you had something to sell.

      As for doing my own research, hey, forums are part of that, along with the internet, aircraft records etc. When I had a Beech 18 the forums on beech18.net were full of people helping each other out, including newbies.  The Bonanza Society was a valuable resource for my Baron.  Now I'm in a position to get a CriCri, now not later, so I hope it's still okay to use this forum when I come up with a question I can't find an answer to on my own.

      Jim, I can see you've been here for years, maybe from the start.  Personally, I hope you'll hang around.  Again, I apologize for misinterpreting your post.

      Thanks and regards,


      jim <luv2fly4200@...> wrote:
      First my e-mail to Bob did not indicate that I had a CRICKET FOR
      SALE.I DO NOT HAVE A CRICKET FOR SALE.Second I will not be answering
      all the e-mails for the airplane or plans. (Also I do not speak
      French,German, Spanish,etc) People I am not trying to
      be a A--Hole but I spent many hours on the phone,e-mails, letter
      writting,advertisin g in many publications, etc.And have done this
      since 1985.And I got most of my leads from the Cricket newsletters
      that C.Heinz put out 2 times a year starting with Fall 81 he put one
      out with all the people that had bought plans and kits.Names and
      address.From my calculations there are over 400 sets of plans and
      around 190 kits???This Group has gone from builders to bitchers and
      people looking for someone to do the leg work for them.I have watched
      people re-design the Cricket on here,put all kind of different things
      on the Cricket.Vic did not intend on this group to be the way it has
      gone.The 2 weeks of bitching about the plans did it for me.Now the
      real builders just e-mail each other and do not post anything.That is
      10 people.What I am getting at is if someone really wants
      plans,manuals, airplane START LOOKING LIKE I DID.YES,I know where
      there are Crickets built,plans, manuals.But the last 2 times I helped
      someone it cost me$$$.That was a set of plans I loaned to someone and
      never got back,plus shipping.NEVER AGAIN.Sorry I have to judge
      everyone by a
      few bad ones.I could have sat and wrote nasty e-mails to the group
      about no one shareing plans no one helping and one person got sort of
      nasty.This group was not here to do that.I am sorry I have to be that
      way,but I have been made that way.Example: I gave one person a address
      and phone number of a Cricket that was for sale in Texas.The person
      said in a e-mail NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE WHEN I CALLED????I ask how
      many tines did you call,reply was 2 times???I called this person that
      had the Cricket for sale and he still had it and it was still for
      sale??? That was 2 years ago. Chester J. Krist.9612
      Vistaview,Austin. Tx. 78750.And Dennis Lanier,7452 Wood Duck
      Ln.Midland,Ga 31820.S.A Smith Box E.Mariann,Ar. 72360.Just to name a
      few.And the names are 5 years old.So what was I expected to do,I
      helped this person and they did not help their self.I am not going to
      do someones hunting.If you want one bad enought then you will find
      one.Not just sit and e-mail the group and say no one will help them.O-
      WELL I did read a couple of the 150+ e-mails and most of them were
      asking me where to find a Cricket.All I can say do what I did.Also
      check with EAA Chapters,did that also.I will be leaving this group
      and starting another one for builders only,no public like this
      one.Everyone can say what they want about me for writting ths e-
      mail.But really I don't care and will not be reading any more post
      from here.GOOD LUCK and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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