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The Bible and agent bH

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  • Dr. Robert A. Herrmann
    The Bible and Agent bH In what follows, it may be that some systems used to read e-mail postings do not allow for bold fonts. Hence, I indicate a bold font by
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      The Bible and Agent bH

      In what follows, it may be that some systems used to read e-mail postings do not allow for bold fonts. Hence, I indicate a bold font by placing a b to the left of the symbol. This may be one of the most important postings I have made since the founding of these networks. Over the years, others and I have been discussing the GGU-model, GID and its theological interpretation, I can't recall intelligent agent bH even being mentioned.

      The facts are that throughout "Science Declares are Universe ......" agent bH is mention 54 times. Who or what is agent bH? Agent bH is part of the GGU-model except it is not part of the mathematical model portion. Its behavior is obtained via classical-logic. So, the same logical processes employed within secular physical-science are used to describe agent bH.

      As far as I can determine, in this book is the first time an agent such as bH has been included within a model. Agent bH is the intelligent agent that designs, initiates and sustains all of the creationary aspects of the GGU-model and displays its presence via GID-model
      higher- intelligence signatures for its actions. Almost all discussions of the GGU-model have been restricted to its actions.

      Agent bH also selects what attributes it will display throughout the physical, physical-like, and all other "worlds" it creates. This is the portion of the D-world model I describe on my website under the modeling of "Divine" attributes. As most know the attributes and actions of agent bH satisfy many, many Biblical statements as to how God behaves and the attributes He has chosen to display. So, agent bH would correspond to the Biblical God. Since agent bH, at the least, rationally exists, then we have that the Bible is describing a rational concept. Agent bH is an ultimate cause. Nothing produces agent bH.

      Why did I choose the bold face bH to represent this agent? Well, the normal H represents the general attributes of all the human beings, me included, who have created all of the mathematical requirements that have allowed agent bH's actions and attributes to be mathematically modeled. Using Genesis 1, these attributes of the human being are restrictions of a few of the attributes of God. Hence, a restricted bH yields the H.

      I assumed that those who have read "Science Declares . . . ." understood what I consider as self-evident. Unfortunately, what I consider as self-evident is not so for many others. This is why I have presented this description for agent bH. Now, one more point.

      Agent bH can create all creationary and other physical-science cosmologies in the following sense. My rapid-formation model, Humpheys' models, and all other Biblically based models, the Big Bang, and its many modifications, the quasi-steady state, all multi-universe models, "eternal" universes, and all other secular cosmologies. It does this only if there is some description for how a cosmology develops in observer-time. None of these types of cosmologies require the GGU-model prior to their construction. The GGU-model is a cosmogony. BUT, none can escape from agent bH as being the ultimate cause.

      Dr. Bob.

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