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RE: [CreationTalk] Virtual Cell Animation Collection

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  • Charles Creager Jr
    Interesting but not surprising. The sad thing is that most people never question what they are taught and our formal education system encourages it. ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2009
      Interesting but not surprising.

      The sad thing is that most people never question what they are taught and
      our formal education system encourages it.

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      Charles, you are perfectly right! I took a course once in DNA Repair
      Mechanisms, that ALONE would have been enough to convince anyone with the
      slightest rational mind. But, we are NOT dealing with rational minds here. I
      had one professor answer my question as to the origin of a specific
      mechanism in plant cells...an incredible system that send signals (via
      chemicals) upstream through the cells because in most plants, if I recall,
      nutrient flow is unidirectional. I asked, how then do your, in a Darwinian
      step evolve the chemical mechanism for cellular repair when the component's
      needed would be sent without wasting them flowing around the cell until
      someone happened to need them. I asked, the cells communicate backwards to
      cause upstream cells to release chemicals, nutrients, etc to the damaged
      downstream cells. I asked, how do you evolve that mechanism, his response, I
      kid you not...he stepped towards...waved his hands like casting a spell and
      said 'hocus pocus, we have no clue' and everyone just laughed and moved
      on...like it was nothing. They sit there and the thought to question the
      dumb theory never even enters their mind. They have been convinced through
      cartoons, movies, books, magazines, commercials, video games, etc. that
      everyman knows it is fact and how it happened is irrelevant. I mean, the
      thought honestly does not even seem to raise suspicion in the least in the
      average student in a setting of higher education. You raise a question, you
      are condemned, you don't ask questions and just accept it, you are educated.
      I confronted one professor in a biological anthropology course on her
      blatant misrepresentation of certain fossils and her excuse in front of the
      whole class was well, this is a complicated subject and I have to teach it
      as fact. When I pointed out her discrepancies she simply began to attack and
      said it is a difficult subject. I responded, I am here to be trained to be a
      scientist, being honest about data sure seems like a worthy component of
      education...but, it did not s eem to phase anyone that a specific date for a
      certain fossil she referenced was actually dated in multiple methods and
      only quoted the one that supported the theory. And she even said, See, the
      data was spot on with what we predicted. When I pointed out the several
      methods that ranged much, much greater than their prediction she got
      angry...I think I exposed the lie! But, the class swallowed the it's a
      difficult situation and we must teach it as fact. She said, I was accurate
      in my statement as to the date of the fossil. I asked her, were the other
      methods then inaccurate, and if inaccurate for this, how can they be trusted
      as reliable for any test? Her response, again 'we picked this method because
      it best lined up with the theory, that was REALLY her response, I said you
      mean, the theory dictates the evidence...' well, by this time I was afraid
      of where it would go...but, you are 'spot on'. If you have the
      knowledge...it is undeniable. But, 'their foolish hearts are darkened. Good
      point though!

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