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CIA Declassifies Noah's Ark Files

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  • Chris Ashcraft
    Bristol United Press Western Daily Press July 3, 2001 Is this really Noah s ice tomb? CONSPIRACY THEORY SUGGESTS CIA HAS UNCOVERED THE REMAINS OF BIBLICAL BOAT
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2001
      Bristol United Press
      Western Daily Press
      July 3, 2001

      Is this really Noah's ice tomb?


      Nicky Redfern

      IN a move certain to attract conspiracy theorists
      everywhere, the CIA has declassified "an interim
      release of documents" concerning "the possible remains
      of Noah's Ark on Mt.Ararat, Turkey".

      Rumours have long circulated that since the late
      1940s, the CIA has been aware of - and has a bulky
      case file on - an impressive-looking, boatlike
      structure that sits within an icy tomb on the slopes
      of Mount Ararat - and that it may well be the remains
      of Noah's mighty Ark.

      So the story goes, the "Ararat Anomaly" (as the CIA
      describes it in typically bureaucratic style) was
      first noticed by U.S. military pilots undertaking a
      spying mission over the former Soviet Union in

      Since then, it has been alleged, numerous photographs
      and hours of film footage of the Ark have been secured
      by the CIA and a host of other U.S. intelligence

      Similarly, in a situation that mirrors the allegations
      of conspiracy and cover -up regarding the notorious
      "Roswell Incident" of 1947, in which an alien's body
      was allegedly recovered by the U.S authorities, and
      the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in
      1963, a whole host of claims, and counter-claims that
      would sit comfortably in an episode of The X-Files
      have surfaced regarding the Ark.

      Shadowy sources tell of Indiana Jones-style
      expeditions to Turkey - secretly funded by the U.S.
      Government - to try to locate the Ark.

      Others expand further and maintain that remnants of
      the Ark have been found and spirited away to
      classified military and governmental installations in

      And there is talk of intimidation by "Men in
      Black"-type characters warning those with knowledge of
      the Ark to remain silent.

      Far-fetched? Maybe. But not all of the claims can be

      Retired CIA operative Dino Brugioni, for example, has
      stated that the photographs, at least, do exist and a
      number that he viewed from the early 1970s did show
      what appeared to be "three large curved wooden beams"
      on Mount Ararat.

      But what of the CIA's newly released file?

      Is it really a biblical smoking gun? Or does it only
      confuse matters further and add weight to the claims
      of cover-up and conspiracy?

      The answer may very well prove to be a combination of
      the two.

      According to the Bible: "God said unto Noah . . . Make
      thee an ark of gopher wood . . . And this is the
      fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the
      ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth
      of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty

      Moreover, it is alleged that the Ark was strong enough
      to withstand a catastrophic worldwide flood that
      encompassed the globe and that lasted for forty
      turbulent days.

      So the story goes, when the flood waters began to
      recede, the Ark settled on its final resting place:
      Mount Ararat in Turkey, which borders Armenia and

      Needless to say, if the CIA has located the remains of
      such an impressive vessel, then it would undoubtedly
      be the scientific and archaeological find of the
      century. But would such a find by the CIA be made
      public? And what does the agency's released file tell

      Interestingly, the first entry in the file does not
      date from the immediate post-World War Two era. Nor
      has the CIA commented on the assertions of former CIA
      man Dino Brugioni.

      Rather, the first entry in the file dates from 1992
      and is a letter from one Charles P. Aaron, described
      as "Chief Pilot and Director of Operations" for the
      "Tsirah Corporation".

      He wrote to the CIA requesting its assistance in the
      search for Noah's fabled vessel - a search that had
      been in progress for a number of years and that had
      the support of the late astronaut Jim Irwin and
      several U.S. senators and congressmen.

      Noteworthy is the fact that Aaron informed the CIA
      that "several qualified officials" had informed him
      that the U.S. Government possessed a
      "restricted-access satellite surveillance system which
      is capable of looking through ice".

      Aaron sensibly advised the CIA further that he was not
      interested in obtaining knowledge of what might have
      been classified surveillance-based technology, but
      simply wanted to know if the CIA could lend help to
      Tsirah's quest to search the ice-covered peaks of
      Mount Ararat for the Ark.

      A memorandum of June 2, 1992 titled Noah's Ark and
      designated for the CIA's Office of Imagery Analysis
      stated that Charles Aaron's request was sent to the
      Director. "Mr Aaron's letter stated a belief that the
      agency has the technical capability to look through
      hundreds of feet of ice and asked that we use this
      technology to aid his search for the Ark, " it said
      "To the best of OIA's knowledge, there is no such
      existing technology."

      The CIA added that, having looked at "existing
      imagery" of Mount Ararat they were "unable to confirm
      the existence of the Ark or its proposed location" and
      suggested that the Tsirah Corporation should be
      informed likewise.

      Of course, that would seem to suggest that the CIA had
      not come across any evidence indicating the existence
      of anything that remotely resembled the Ark on Mount
      Ararat. But, as is often the case when we immerse
      ourselves in the murky world of the CIA, things are
      not quite so clear cut.

      A formerly "Secret" CIA memo contained within the file
      and dated 21 January 1993, for example, makes a
      curious reference to a "request to declassify imagery
      of Noah's Ark for a TV production" that was, to
      quote further, "turned down" by the CIA.

      One might ask, of course: how could the release by the
      CIA of "imagery of Noah's Ark" be "turned down" when
      its very existence was denied to the Tsirah

      Equally as intriguing, is a hand-written note
      (scribbled by an unidentified CIA employee) that
      states at the foot of this particular document: "Life
      is neither fair nor symmetrical."

      Whilst the allegations that imagery of the Ark exists
      in the vaults of the CIA cannot at this stage be
      conclusively confirmed, the existence of extensive CIA
      footage of the Mount Ararat region is not in dispute.

      Like the Roswell Incident and the JFK assassination,
      it is unlikely that the conspiracy theories
      surrounding Noah's mighty Ark will fade and die.

      Chris Ashcraft
      Creation Science Resource

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