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  • ptolemy1022
    Materialism is the philosophy that the only things that exist are matter and energy. Some even believe that human thoughts are nothing more than material
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2013

      Materialism is the philosophy that the only things that exist are matter and energy. Some even believe that human thoughts are nothing more than  material interactions. Materialists tend to discount God, angels, demons and paranormal things. They have faith only in material things.

      Materialists must rely on a faith about the nature of reality in order to build their materialistic philosophy.

      What is matter?

      1. The smallest things behave in strange ways - sometimes they act like bits of stuff at other times as waves of some kind. This duality cannot be broken down by the experimenter.

      2. If the experimenter proposes some precisely measurable property of matter, the more precisely he / she measures that thing, the more uncertainty arises in a complimentary property necessary to determine what matter it. This is known as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

      3. When an observer seeks to determine the nature of reality, he changes it by measuring it. Even if the observer changes his apparatus after a decision point has passed in the experiment, the quantum world can seemingly go back and change the past in utterly illogical ways. Von Neumann showed that if an electron is an object, that object would contradict the predictions of quantum theories.

      4. Experiments using the Bell inequality show correlations at great distances from "objects" that were related in the past. Matter seems to have non-local properties.

      5. Because of these strange contradictions, physicists have no ultimate theory of matter. Sometimes it is this and sometime its is that or perhaps material reality is just statistical randomness.

      There is a way to understand the universe using both observations and a biblical text that contradicts the faith of scientists. First God created ( completed action) the heavens and the earth. The next verse starts with the Hebrew waw a particle like an and, but or then. But the Earth is (completion verb) unformed and empty, yet it had a surface (Hebrew face mentioned twice). Elohim's wind dithered in unbroken continuity above the dark formless earth. He continued to command light continue to be. Evidently that was when matter began to have extension, to have form. Indeed, light continues to dither around within all substances giving them their various properties, such as the ability to have extension in space.

      What is matter? the apostle Paul said light reveals the truth and refutes error because everything that is visible is light (phos estin). Please notice that he does not say we see things because of light, which is obvious. We see things because reality itself is light.

      What is matter? It is a relationship with light. Quantum weirdness; duality; non-locality; are really not that difficult to understand when you accept that matter is a relationship with light. This is why light is a fundamental speed limit. You can't go faster than yourself nor can you measure anything faster than the fundamental reality used in your instruments.

      It is important that Christians stop trying to understand the Bible with science, which is fundamentally based on theories of materialism that are predicted in the Bible. Scientific creationists and evolutionists - have a basic faith, that all things remain the same (2 Peter 3:4). Scientists see change everywhere and acknowledge that change is real. However, they reference their definitions, measuring ideas, methods, mathematics, and especially their natural histories to their fundamentalist creed: that the properties of matter are fixed, not continually emerging as matter continues to age.

      Light reveals the truth and refute error because we can see the past to the creation era. Every atom changes as it ages. Even when we compare the rate of an atomic clock with its own transponder reflections from hours ago (the Pioneer anomaly) the clock signals keep accelerating. The clock  accelerations correlate with distance (the past).  Billions of galaxies at many ranges are observed to clock different clock rates (relative to ~ distance) similar to the observed accelerations in local atomic  With our eyes we observe how the clocks accelerate along with the outward accelerating star streams as billions of galaxies grew into huge growth spirals. Of course these make no sense to scientists because they reference their entire structured way of reasoning, measuring and mathematicating to the medieval notion that matter does not change relationally as it ages.

      The Hebrew Bible says he continues to spread out the heavens; he continues to form the stars and place them in the spreading place - which is what we observe.  How great will be the triumph of the word of God over science

      Victor, changing Earth Creationist
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