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Biblical Cretaceous

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  • Victor McAllister
    Oceanic basements are ~ 7-kilometer thick basalt that erupts from the earthÆs interior. The continental basements are ~ 40-kilometer thick granite, with large
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2013
      Oceanic basements are ~ 7-kilometer thick basalt that erupts from the earth’s interior. The continental basements are ~ 40-kilometer thick granite, with large crystals formed by gradual cooling. Radioactive products within crystals show that the oldest rocks are the continental granites. Large continents are roughly antipodal to the oceans. The huge Pacific is opposite Africa, Europe and western Asia. Antarctica is opposite the Arctic sea. The northern hemisphere has more relatively old continents and the southern more young oceans. A global volcanic seam continues to extrude fresh basaltic seafloor in every ocean. The youngest seafloor is next to the global crack and the oldest is adjacent to the continents. About 35% of the globe are continents, if we include the continental shelves. Evidently the geoid was 4(pi)r^2 = 0.35 of its present surface area when the modern oceans began to form. The ancient radius, therefore, was r(0) = (.35 / 4 pi)^½ or ~17% of its present radius: approximately 1,000 kilometers.

      Three times the Bible states that the Earth spreads out, e.g. Psalms 136:6 “To Him who spreads out (in unbroken continuity) the earth above the waters.” According to the Hebrew text of Genesis, first God created (completed action) the plural heavens and Earth (the entire universe). However, the early earth was (completion verb) unformed. Elohim’s wind dithered in unbroken continuity above the dark, face of the earth and He continued to command light to continue to be (imperfect verbs - Genesis 1:2-3). Indeed, light gives form to matter as it continues to dither around within atoms. Thousands of years later, Zechariah 12:1 claims that God continues, in unbroken continuity, to lay the foundations of the Earth. Perhaps this is why the Earth continues to grow.

      Fifty years ago Henry Morris and John Whitcomb publish a monumental work: The Genesis Flood. The book profoundly influenced “creation science” by interpreting geology and marine fossils as evidence for a world-wide flood. Creation scientists cannot accept a growing Earth, even though it is a grammatical reading and the continents only fit together on a minuscule globe without the younger seas. Why not? Medieval Catholic metaphysicians laid the foundation for western science with their notion that the essence of substance (what it is) is changeless. This assumption is the basis for scientific definitions of matter and time, scientific methods, measuring units and especially scientific earth histories. 2 Peter 3:3-6 predicts that in the last days mockers will come obfuscating the evidence that the plural heavens are “out-old” because they think that “all things remain the same.” They will also reject that the land (ge) emerged from the water, having stood together with it. Later, by the word of God, the then-order was destroyed by the “down-from-washed (kataklysmos).”

      On day two a spreading-place  atmosphere (raqiya shamayim) continued to form between the surface waters and the waters above. Evidently the water above was in the form of an ice ring (see Proverbs 8:28). We have an example of such a process occurring on Enceladus as water and gases jet out fromthe surface to form a spreading atmosphere and an ice ring.

      According to Genesis, the emergence of the land from the lower waters happened on the first part of day three. In the Hebrew text the land is singular and the seas are plural. Evidently warm, acidic waters seeped underground, etching out underground reservoirs to that the seas were gathered into one place, underground. During Noah’s six hundredth year, the fountains of the great deep (tehom) rent. This is what Peter refers to as the destructive down-washing. Where is the evidence for the underground seas?

      Scientists often claim that during the cretaceous era, the oceans invaded the continents, forming shallow seas. These cannot be simply explained by a global flood. In places like the Burgess Shale we find preserved seafloor containing worm holes and marine creatures that died in their burrows. Thick beds of chalk and limestone exist in the eastern United States and across much of Europe. Under a microscope we find that the chalk and organic limestone are made from the shells of countless marine protozoans.

      The cretaceous contains deposits that were formed during the era when the seas were standing with the land (2 Peter 3:6) when the seas were underground. In some areas we find flint (chert) nodules or veins imbedded in the thick beds of chalk and limestone. Evidently bits of rock from the roof of the subterranean caverns fell into the beds of marine organisms that were accumulated on the floor. Many of the cretaceous formations show evidence of thrusting and folding. These occurred when the underground seas collapsed during Noah’s kataclysm (Greek down-from-washed). This was also when many marine and land animals became extinct.  At the end of the cataclysm, wide valleys opened to accept the newly surfaced seas as the mountains also arose Psalm 104:6-9.

      Westerners order their earth histories with their linear time ideas. A western person might insist that the cretaceous lasted for 80 million years and this cannot fit the 10 generations from Adam to Noah. We should never interpret the Bible with scientific ideas of time, notions that had not even been inventedanywhere, when Moses wrote. The Bible uses eons words to refer to the early earth and its people, just like other early writers did. Job, who was a descendant of Noah,  used the dried Mediterranean (Hebrew west) as a marker for the length of life during the dinosaur age. Indeed, the Mediterranean dried repeatedly leaving thick deposits of plankton sandwiched between rock salt and anhydrite. Job explains how their face changed (doubled) before they died. The skull is the only part of our skeleton that keeps growing as we age. If we lived for eons, our faces would grow Neanderthal. Neanderthal children had faces like moderns because they had not lived for eons.

      The best evidence for a literal creation is visible with telescopes. Streams of newly formed stars follow each other out in lanes as billions of galaxies grew into huge growth spirals. The atomic clocks and evidently the inertial properties of matter continue to change as billions of galaxies spread out from their unformed matter state. What is visible does not fit western notions of matter or time. Indeed, what is visible clearly shows that the scientific creed is false, the idea Peter predicted for the last days: that all things remain the same.

      How could vast eons coincide with only 6,000 years? Jacob said that the days and years of the son are shorter and worse than the days and years of the fathers (Genesis 47:9). Please notice that he makes no mention of time per se, since in Jacob’s era neither time nor verb tenses had yet been invented. According to the Bible, God passively formed the plural eons out of things unseen, Hebrews 11:3. If you do not understand how gravity, that pulls, can steadily accelerate orbits outward as it also accelerated Earth’s rotation, then read about gravity aberration here: http://godsriddle.org/astronomy/accelerating-days-years/


      The picture of the layered chalk cliffs of Dover is in the public domain from Michael Rowe. Notice the layers in the sedimentary chalk that formed as vast numbers of marine microscopic life died and settled into thick beds.

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist

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