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HH46 and biblical creation

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  • Victor McAllister
    Some of the antennas in the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimmeter Array (ALMA) are now operational, taking Extremely High Frequency (EHF) images of galaxies
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      Some of the antennas in the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimmeter Array (ALMA) are now operational, taking Extremely High Frequency (EHF) images of galaxies and stars. The Astrophysical Journal published a combo ALMA / visible image of a Herbig Haro star - HH46 / 47. Long wave light lets you see through the dust and observe that the two jets are emerging from the same star - HH46.

      HH46 is located on the edge of a dark nebula in the southern hemisphere. It ejects opposing, high-speed, knotted jets, like other Herbig Haro stars. Periodic images taken by the Hubble telescope show the knots (like machine gun tracers) moving outward along each jet. The dark nebula has obscured background stars in the lower portion of the picture. The white object in the upper cloud is the star that ejects the jets. The ALMA image is in orange and green and the visible image (from ESO’s NTT) is shown in purple and pink. The right jet is plowing through the cloud, mushrooming into a thick stream. The left jet is narrow and moves out of the cloud pushing a bow shock in front of it (purple). At the point where the left jet emerges, the edge of the cloud shines at EHF wavelengths.

      1. We sometimes see HH stars in profile at the ends of dust pillars, as in the Eagle Nebula. The HH stars are not accreting from dust, but are forming the dusty nebula with their jets as they move out from the heart of the nebula.

      2. HH stars have a dust disk around their equator with the double jets emerging perpendicular to the disk at hundreds of kilometers per second. What forms the dust disk? Scientists claim HH47 has a secondary outflow perpendicular to the main jets . Perhaps this is forming the dust disk as the star rotates.

      All over the universe, from objects of many sizes, we observe the effects of emerging jets. The Milky Way has X-ray and gamma lobes perpendicular to the galactic disk that obviously emerged from the core of our galaxy. We can be sure that the arms of the Milky Way also emerged from the core, even though we cannot see the era when our galaxy's disks formed. We can compare the shapes of galaxies at many ranges and observe how other spiral galaxies formed. Many early galaxies have tiny naked cores. Around some of them we observe strings of equally spaced blue beads, like strings on a necklace. The blue star globs are obviously emerging from the core of the galaxy. At many ranges we observe how those star globs spread out, forming the disks of local spirals. Milky Way satellite galaxies were also ejected. The Magellanic galaxies are connected to the Milky way by a river of hydrogen, evidently the wake left as they moved out.

      What causes matter to emerge and spread out from compact places?

      According to scientists, HH47 is a baby star, being birthed by aggregating dust. Allegedly the dust spirals in around the equator and falls into the star which is growing by gravitational accretion. This allegedly causes some of the in falling matter to escape from the poles in the visible jets. In some cases they claim that an invisible companion periodically approaching causes the periodic outbursts of matter. These mathematical explanations for HH stars depend on the assumption implicit in the laws of physics, the notion that matter has intrinsically fixed properties. There is not a shred of visible evidence for the accretion of stars from dust that was not contrived with the assumption that matter has a fixed nature.

      The biblical explanation is much different from scientific stories but the biblical account is supported by the only history that is visible as it happened: cosmic history. Genesis records that God created (completed verb) the plural heavens and the Earth first. What did the plural heavens look like during the first stage? The Earth was (completed verb) unformed and dark. Then Elohim’s wind dithered in unbroken continuity above the unformed surface (Hebrew paniym) as He continued to command light to continue to be. Evidently that is when Earth’s matter began to spread out. Indeed, light never stops dithering around within matter giving it extension.

      Half way through the creation week, Elohim continued to command lights to form in the plural heavens. He continues to form the Sun, Moon and stars and continues to place them in the spreading place (Hebrew raqiya). Evidently the stars receive form in the same way as the Earth (as a relation with light) since the same laws control the earth and universe (Job 38:33).

      We observe a biblical creation in the light from the ancient / distant universe. Evidently God is continuing to command light to continue to be, thus giving form to matter all over the universe. At many ranges we observe how globs packed densely with tiny stars emerge from galactic cores. These globs accelerate outward, spiral out, spread out into the continuous arms of local growth spirals. Clearly the properties of matter are emergent, the space matter takes up increases as matters inertial properties and its light frequencies all change together. Billions of galaxies cannot grow from tiny globs of unformed core-matter unless the properties of matter change relationally. Relational change is where all the properties of matter change together, in parallel.

      If matter has emerging properties, does this also affect our Earth? Zechariah 12:1 tells us that God continues in unbroken continuity to stretch out the plural heavens and continues in unbroken continuity to establish the foundations of the Earth. Three other verses tell us that God continues in unbroken continuity to spread out the Earth.  Indeed, the continents only fit together on a tiny globe. A global expansion seam keeps on forming new earth crust in every ocean as the Earth continues to grow in size, exactly as described in the Bible. A growing Earth does not support the scientific creed: the assumption that the properties of matter are fixed. This assumption is implicit in the definitions of physics, the measuring units that allegedly measure undetectable things like mass and time and the mathematical versions of symbolical reality. The scientific universe is 99% magical, invisible things to protect the basic assumption of science, that the properties of matter are fixed, not continually emerging.

      Herbig Haro stars are just one of trillions of visible evidences for a biblical creation. Evidently in the heart of each galaxy unformed matter continues to receive form as God continues to command light to continue to be. He continues to spread out the heavens, spreading out dense things into cloud like things (Job 37:18) in the heavens. Lift up your eyes and look and you will see the evidence that biblical creation will utterly defeat western science, for His great glory.


      The image of HH46 is from ALMA and ESO's NTT telescope. Image credit Bo Reipurth


      Victor Changing Earth Creationist
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