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Biblical Creation & Gamma Ray Bursts

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  • Victor McAllister
    Gamma light comes from radioactive decay, nuclear explosions, supernova, terrestrial lightning, the Moon and strange distant bursts. (The moon glows brighter
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      Gamma light comes from radioactive decay, nuclear explosions, supernova, terrestrial lightning, the Moon and strange distant bursts. (The moon glows brighter in gamma than the Sun, possibly from cosmic rays smashing into its rocks. Fortunately, our atmosphere shields us from astronomical gamma rays.) About once a day, SWIFT detects gamma-ray bursts (GRB) from the distant universe. SWIFT slews around to train its X-ray and infrared telescopes on the event and sometimes observes a fading afterglow. Terrestrial telescopes, notified by SWIFT, can sometimes acquire the spectrum of the afterglow. The farthest spectrum from a GRB came from a galaxy that shone at 10% of the light frequencies emitted by modern atoms.

      On Dec 27, 2004 the Earth was hit by a gamma flash from SGR 1806-20, a soft gamma repeater within the Milky Way. The blast ionized the stratosphere and swamped the electronics of satellites, although it only lasted 2/10ths of a second. Radio telescopes found a pulsed jet emerging from SGR-1806-20. GRB are also seemingly associated with emerging jets, http://www.godsriddle.info/2008/09/grb-080913.html

      Two months ago SWIFT detected a short gamma ray burst, GRB 130603B. The GRB originated in a galaxy whose light shines at 74 % of the frequencies of local atoms.
      The reddish core of the galaxy is surrounded by a halo of bluer star globs. The afterglow was 0.9" from the center of the galaxy at the root of an emerging blue arm. Astronomer claim this GRB is evidence for a kilonova that, they claim, is when two neutron stars collide, possibly forming a black hole. The photos of the galaxy and the infrared afterglow are from NASA’s Hubble. http://www.godsriddle.info/2013/08/biblical-creation-gamma-ray-bursts.html

      Ancient gamma bursts seem to fit the creation account, although stars don’t disappear, Isaiah 40:26. (Even when stars explode, they only blow off their outer layers and continue to be active.) First God created (completed action) the plural heavens and earth. Whatever god-particles He completed first must have been created out of nothing (ex nihilo). The Earth was at first unformed, although it had a surface (Hebrew paniym). Then God’s wind dithered above the dark Earth as He continued to command light to continue to be. To this day, light dithers around within all matter giving it extension. Not all light remains within its house, the atom (Job 38:19-21), which is why we can observe the universe’s history in all parts of the light spectrum.

      Half way through the creation week, God continues to form the Sun, Moon and stars that they might illumine the Earth. The continuing commands, the continuing formation of the stars and their continual placement in the spreading place (raqiya) suggest that we should see stars emerging from formless substances all over the early universe. (Hebrew imperfect, continuing action verbs, are unlike the single commands promoted by traditional Latin translations.)

      Atoms are extremely energetic. When they are shattered, intense gamma light shines out. The shattered parts are light-like all the way down.

      What energized Earth’s matter? According to the Bible, God continued to command light to continue to be. Did the matter in stars also receive form as God energized them with light?

      Some gamma rays originate from novas or star ejections, but GRB seem to be the most powerful light in the universe. We observe that galaxies (at many ranges) intrinsically grew from unformed matter. The stars continue to emerge from the heart of galaxies, as the stars in billions of spiral galaxies continue to follow each other out in lanes, spreading out in unbroken continuity. The only way that what we see could be real is that the stars are continuing to emerge from formless matter. Evidently we are observing the events described in the creation week as God continues to command light.  Perhaps GRB are the light God commands to give form to matter.

      A young earth creationist might insist, that cannot be correct because the universe is only 6,000 years old.  Please lift up your eyes and observe His universe. It is there that knowledge is available to all (Psalm 19:1-3). The atomic clocks are accelerating along with the outward accelerating stars streams. When NASA compared the clock frequency of hydrogen maser clocks with their own transponded signals from hours ago (the Pioneer Anomaly), local clocks were observed to accelerate relative to distance at approximately the same (frequency to distance) ratio as the light from billions of galaxies (the Hubble ratio). 


      Our ancestors a few thousand years ago grew thick brows as though they lived for geological ages, just as Job explained in Job 14. They also told stories of close planet passages and the shattering of a nearby planet, which the Bible also mentions. Evidently days and years were geological ages a few thousand years ago. As the properties of matter continue to change, gravity aberration continues to acclerate Earth's orbit and rotation. 

      Someone might claim, this is ridiculous. It is only ridiculous if you try to “measure” reality with the scientific notion that atoms are perpetual motion engines. In hundreds of billions of galaxies, all atoms are observed to have different properties at different ranges. Western science was founded on the medieval assumption that the essence of substance is changeless, which is doubtless why scientists cannot accept the visible history of the universe. They have invented the greatest system of mathematical mythology in history to prevent the visible history of the universe from being so.

       What we see in cosmic history only fits the literal creation account

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist

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