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Scientific Obfuscation

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  • Victor McAllister
    To obfuscate means to render obscure, to becloud or hide something. Scientific obfuscation is common because natural history stories rely on mathematical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2013

      To obfuscate means to render obscure, to becloud or hide something. Scientific obfuscation is common because natural history stories rely on mathematical simulations. The basic assumption implied in the use of mathematics is not mentioned when scientists tell their stories. Here is an example of scientific obscurantism. http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap120717.html 

      Videos like this protect science from the truth. The universe is so large that we can see, in all parts of the light spectrum, cosmic history at many ranges. However, scientists reject visible cosmic history in favor of their mathematical simulations. In fact, their universe is 99% invisible. They may claim that 80% of the matter in the universe is invisible or that their mathematical simulations show dust collected together, spiraling into galaxies that formed by aggregation. With telescopes, we observe in billions of examples, that galaxies intrinsically grew from the inside outwards. What is visible follows the sequence described in biblical creation.

      1. First God created (perfect verb - completed action) the plural heavens and earth.

      What did the completed creation look like at this stage? The Earth was (perfect verb - completed action) formless and empty. Evidently, whatever God finished had not yet received form. These two perfect verbs are distinct from the wayyiqtol (imperfect) verbs used for the most part during the rest of the week. Imperfect verbs show actions that continue or repeat without reference to if or when they ended. For example, on day seven the finishing of the heavens and the earth uses wayyiqtol verbs, showing that the finishing continues and is incomplete.

      Elohim’s wind dithered in unbroken continuity above the primordial Earth. He continued to command light to continue to be. Quantum experiments show that light never stops dithering around within matter, evidently giving it extension. Day One evidently has to do with the universal creation of matter and how the Earth's matter began to receive form as God continued to command light to be.

      4. Half way through the creation week, Elohim continued (imperfect verb) to make the Sun, Moon and stars for dividing between day and night.
      The lights become (infinitive) luminaries in the heavens. (Biblical Hebrew infinitives do not convey number, tense, aspect, or modality).  He continued (imperfect verb) to set the heavenly bodies in the spreading place (Hebrew raqiya). The word raqiya is the noun form of the verb to spread out so it refers to the thing that spreads out). Modern translations follow the Latin Vulgate by using completion verbs as though God spoke once and made the heavenly bodies in an instant. However, there are no Hebrew completed action verbs for day four. We do not know when or if He stopped making and spreading apart the Sun, Moon and stars - only that He began to do so on day four.

      We observe that many early galaxies were evidently made of unformed matter, since they were tiny, naked and shine at minuscule fractions of the frequencies of modern atoms. The farthest galaxy, brightest enough to record its spectra, shines at 7% of the frequencies emitted by modern atoms.

      At many ranges we observe blue globs packed with tiny stars emerging from the formless matter in the heart of early galaxies. The star globs look like beads on a necklace (with equal spacings) surrounding a galactic core. At many ranges, we observe that the star globs follow each other out in lanes, rotating outward, enlarging into dusty nebula as they accelerate out and spread out. Visibly, billions of galaxies intrinsically grew into huge, dusty, local, growth spirals. Repeatedly, the Bible explains how God continues (in unbroken continuity) to spread out the plural heavens and to call the stars to come out. What we observe is the exact opposite of the scientific stories about a big bang, accreting galaxies or even an instantaneous creation.

      How can we be sure that what we observe is real, not the vacuum of space time altering the light passing through the void? Evidently He is still commanding light to be, since the Earth continues to grow in size.
      A global expansion seam keeps on producing new oceanic crust. The continents fit together on a tiny globe, without major surface seas. Modern ocean floors are younger than the continents. According to Genesis 2, it did not rain in the early earth. Instead water emerged from underground to water the surface of the earth.

      What we observe in cosmic history is change. Every atom keeps changing relationally as it ages. The stars continue to form and continue to be placed in the spreading place around billions of galaxies, exactly as per the literal text of the Bible. Atomic clocks accelerate along with the outward accelerating star streams as billions of galaxies grew into huge, growth spirals. Even when we compare a hydrogen maser clock with its reflections from eleven hours ago (the Pioneer Anomaly) they also accelerate at approximately the same rate as ancient atoms did. 

      What is wrong with mathematical simulations? All mathematical simulations of the ancient world and universe are constructed with an elementary assumption, the notion that the properties of matter are fixed. Relational change is when the properties shift together, in parallel. What we observe in visible cosmic history is that the properties of matter continue to change together. Someone might insist, we measure physical constants. No! You defined invisible, symbolical things like mass, energy and time with an assumption. What assumption? The one the Bible predicted for the mockers of the last days. Your mathematical, empirical system was constructed on a medieval assumption, that the essence of substance is changeless. But mathematical science works, says the scientist. Only locally when you force all reality to fit your empirical system. However, when you try to understand why our ancestors claimed to see close planet passages a few thousand years ago or why galaxies grew from the insides outwards, you must reject the simple evidence and go with complex, mathematical theories. The reason is that science was founded on a basic creed. What basic creed? You believe that the properties of matter are fixed, not continually emerging.


      The picture is from NASA’s Hubble Deep field and shows HUDF galaxy 4491.  Notice the string of blueish star globs emerging from the redder core of this galaxy. This galaxy, on average, shines at 48% of the frequencies emitted by modern atoms.

      How great will be the triumph of the Word of God over science, for His great glory.

      Victor, Changing Earth Creationist

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