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Understanding Creation w/o science

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  • Victor McAllister
    I accept that the scripture, as originally written, is God’s word. I agree that the universe is about 6,000 years old. I agree that we must interpret it in
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      I accept that the scripture, as originally written, is God’s word. I agree that the universe is about 6,000 years old. I agree that we must interpret it in its historical and linguistic context, what it meant to a contemporary. I am the principal advocate for Changing Earth Creation, which is a new name, but not a new concept. A Bible scholar wrote me that I need to give a name to this interpretation of creation. He said people will assume you are an old earther or a young earther, so you must give it a name. I chose the name Changing Earth Creation because the basic tenet is fundamental (relational) changes in everything. (By the way, after reading what I write over a period of several years, Dr. xxxxx now identifies himself as a changing earth creationist. Name obscured to preserve his privacy).

      Why is Changing Earth not scientific? Western science is not evidence. It is a system built upon elementary assumptions. Western science did not exist anywhere when the Bible was written. There is not a single verse in the Bible that would have been understood with a scientific mind set when the text was written.

      What is the basic assumption for science?

      The pagan Greeks were the first to try and invent a natural science. They debated for centuries trying to find a first principle (which they called an arche) to serve as the foundation for science. The problem they struggled with was change. If everything changes, as all ancient people accepted, then it is impossible to invent a valid science. Several attempts were made to find something changeless (such as atomism and Aristotlean metaphysics), however, they could not find a way to imagine that matter (everything) stays the same.

      For almost a thousand years educated Christians generally followed Plato’s version of science. Plato acknowledged that everything changes since the beginning (genesis ka phtora). Then the medieval scholastics translated Aristotle into Latin. In their efforts to fit the pagan Aristotle to their religion, the Catholics “solved” the problem that stymied the Greeks. Since they believed that God is absolutely changeless (outside of time and seeing the future) they came to regard matter as getting an unchanging essence from the unchanging Creator. This became the basic premise for western science: the essence of substance is changeless. I believe modern science is prophesied in the Bible by predicting its “first law - arche ktisous” that all things remain the same. Western physics definitions, empirical measuring units, physical constants and mathematical laws were almost all contrived on the first law of the last days - that all things remain the same. Because of this little assumption, modern cosmolgies are the greatest system of mytholgy in history - rejecting the visible history of the cosmos in favor of invisible matter and vacuum forces.

      Accepting the text in its historical context and the evidence in the ancient way of reasoning (which is diametriacally opposite to the system of western science) is what makes a Changing Earth Creationist so different. Since we confirm the literal words of the creation account in visible cosmic history, (the very things God says He is doing in unbroken continuity) we expect God will get great glory when He makes foolish western science - triumphing over it with His literal words. No person can come to know Him through science, only with the faith of a sinner who looks to Jesus as the sacrifice for our sins. He gets glory by triumphing over the wise with fools and over the mighty with those who are week. His word is powerful to the bringing down of the speculative fortress (science) that has been raised up against the knowledge of Him.

      Victor - Changing Earth Creationist

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