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RE: [CreationTalk] Lunar Recession and the Age of the Earth

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  • Chuck
    ... I was making calculations to test the validity of the evolutionary / uniformitarian model of Earth s history that requires using the concept of time and
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      > You are using the western concept of clock time and clock-like

      orbits to calculate where the Moon may have been in the past.

      I was making calculations to test the validity of the evolutionary / uniformitarian model of Earth’s history that requires using the concept of time and orbits that model I was testing assumes. Besides I happen to think the western concept of time and orbits is correct so of course I would use it. I do so in part because concept of time and orbits you present is 100% totally unworkable garbage. Frankly your notion of time is a totally bogus imagination of your own mind that exists no place else and frankly never has. 

      > Such ideas were unknown back when the Judges, Joshua, Job

      and Isaiah mentioned close planet passages and the shatteringcolor=navy>
      of a nearby planet.

      Not one of them says any such thing. This purely is your own erroneous and perverted interpretation of Hebrew and a result of your denial that God has given us His inerrant word in the English language, specifically the King James Bible. Instead you follow the traditions of the 19 centaury heretics Westcot and Hort, and this leads you to that perverted interpretation. Like all false teachers you claim the Bible says such and such but neither quote from a real Bible nor even give any references. The obvious reason is that you don’t believe we have a real Bible but only human corrupted commentaries on it.

      > The Greeks acknowledged the events on Joshua's long day.

      They said the Sun careened to the north and then swung wildlycolor=navy>
      back to the south as rocks fell to the north of w:st="on"> Greece . If a planet
      passed close to Earth, we would precess (not stop rotating).color=navy>

      First of all give me a source for this alleged description by the Greek. If it is real it is probably something from Greek mythology that most likely has no bases in reality.

      Second even if it is real it does not fit Joshua's long day.

      Joshua 10:13 (KJB)  And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed,
      until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not
      this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst
      of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

      Note that it says “the sun stood still” and yes it says so in Hebrew as well.  Athens and Jerusalem are only 779 miles apart not far enough to produced such radically different descriptions of the same event. So you are totally wrong here.

      > By the way, rocks (same word as paving stones) fell on the enemy on that

      long day as Joshua fought the battle of Gibeah.

      This proves nothing about where they came from since the Hebrew word for stone used here can refer to cut as well as uncut stones.  It sounds like God rain meteors down on Israel ’s enemies here.

      > The Babylonians claimed it rained in the mountains when Venus passed,

      Provide a source for the Venus reference from Babylon , however it sounds like pure mythology because there a close approach of Venus to Earth would more notable thing than it raining in the mountains.

      > just as in the text in Judges for when the stars fought from their courses.

      The word star in ancient times included all heavenly bodies but the sun and moon. Meteors would have been called stars so there is no reason not to see this as referring to meteors so it’s no real argument for your case.


      >  The Venus Tablets of Amizzaduga show a Venus orbit unlike what we

      see today.

      Unfortunately I can find no source that provides an actual comparison between these Tablets and calculations from the present or even a translation to our calendar so determining what any discrepancies mean is not possible. It also needs to be noted that these are not originals but copies made by hand, thus the possibility of copying errors or even deliberate distortions are quite likely. Further more the nature of the observation deals mainly Venus’ conjunctions with the Earth bother superior and inferior conjunction, one of which occurs about every 0.8 years. Each specific type occurs about every 1.6 years which these tablets seem to be roughly compatible too this fact. It is certainly with in the rage of reasonable error. 

      > The Babylonians claimed to see Venus with horns as we see the moon.

      Please give a source for this. It could actually suggest they had developed some form of telescope.

      > The Sumerians drew horns on all the planet gods.

      This actually goes against this being based on seeing crescent planets since you only see a crescent on planet closer to the sun than the Earth.

      > The Bible uses the same descriptive terms as the Canaanites for when

      > the mighty (Rahab) was shattered.

      You are assuming that Rahab refers to a planet, with no Biblical bases for it. Rahab has been used to refer to Egypt and has also been translated as proud.

      On what bases to claim that Rahab refers to a planet?

      Furthermore even if this is a reference to a shattered planet it provides no support for your changing Earth idea since the idea of an exploded or shatter planet has been theorized about in main stream astronomy requiring no more change to the solar system as a whole than the destruction of that planet. 

      > Indeed, we find volcanic rocks and sedimentary rocks on asteroids

      > and comets, the evidence that a planet was shattered.

      A part from fact that a destroyed planet is not inconstant with modern science these types of rocks can be accounted for by other means.

      1. Regolith which forms from an accumulation of meteoric dust is by definition sedimentary rock.

      2 Igneous (volcanic) rock could form by way of heat from collisions melting the rock of an asteroid.

      > We confirm that the laws of gravity are false in billions of galaxies

      > as the stars continued to come out as galaxies intrinsically grew into
      > huge growth spirals.

      No you don’t because not only are the images you base this claim on consistent with matter emerging from a shrinking white hole but the stars move around the center of the galaxy in the opposite direction of the spiral arms. By the way if you actually believe that laws of gravity are false try jumping from an air plane without a parachute. Some time before going splat on the ground you should see how wrong you are.  


      ------ Charles Creager Jr.

      Genesis Science Mission

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