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Staw men attacks

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  • VictorM
    All complex systems of reasoning, even logic, mathematics and precision measuring system are based on faiths. When people attack the Bible over the age of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2012
      All complex systems of reasoning, even logic, mathematics and precision measuring system are based on faiths. When people attack the Bible over the age of the Earth, they are attacking a straw man - ramming their spear into the straw dummy and loudly cheering how they vanquished the foe with age of the Earth arguments. But their entire structured system of reasoning was based on a faith, a faith the Bible predicted. The foundational faith for western science was the notion that all things remain the same. Peter called this a "first law" arche ktiseous. He even predicted how they will use their idea that "all things remain the same" to obfuscate the age of the plural heavens (the galaxies) and the twice inundated geology of Earth.

      The Bible plainly teaches two things that to the western mindset seem incompatible - the vast antiquity of the Earth and few years. For example, Job lists the geological ages that passed during the few days of his lifetime. He lived when dinosaurs lived in the rushing waters of the Jordan.

      Some of his geological markers are water wears away rocks, water transports the dust of the earth, the sea (in Hebrew called west) dries and their faces changed (doubled) before they died.

      The fact that the Mediterranean dried repeatedly is incontestable. Thick layers of plankton skeletons alternate with salt, stromatolite, and gypsum on the floor of the sea. The Mediterranean was a series of salt flats thousands of meters lower than its present level. Rivers around the Med (the Po, Rhine and Nile) cut deep channels through rock as they flowed down in to the lowered sea. The Nile at Cairo was a narrow gorge deeper than the Grand Canyon cut down through solid granite. Round pebbles in submarine canyons attest to the fact that they were once rapidly flowing rivers roaring down into the slat flats on the seabed. Salt layers hundreds of meters thick attest to the eras when the water evaporated. In some basins, salt from the dried epoch are 1000 meters thick. During that era, the Nile had not yet formed it vast delta nor had its deep gorge filled with sediments. A great submarine water fall and narrow channel attest to the eras when the Med refilled from the Atlantic.

      Job mentions their faces doubled (changed) before they died. Indeed, if we lived for geological eons our faces would grow Neanderthal browns, but our grandchildren would have more modern looking skulls.
      We confirm Jobs geological ages in few days (Chapter 14) in the geology around the Med and the skulls of our ancestors. We also confirm it in cosmic history where every clock in hundreds of billions of galaxies continues to accelerate throughout cosmic history. It is not just the clocks that accelerate, that stars streams also accelerate as they emerge from the formerly formless matter in the core of primordial galaxies. We confirm exactly what the Creator says He does in unbroken continuity, calling the stars to continue to come out and continually spreading out the Sun, Moon and stars.

      Secular scientists have invented the greatest system of mythology to protect their notion of linear time with which they contrived most of their empirical measuring units.

      How utterly and completely the word of God will vanquish science. It will not be a straw man kind of triumph. He will wipe science off the face of the earth and bring truth, justice and agricultural prosperity to future generation who will not learn science. What glory He will get when He does what He promised, makes foolish the wise of this age.

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