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Martian eons

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  • Victor McAllister
    The Martian rover Opportunity found billions of hematite berries littering the Meridiani planum. Evidently they formed as concretions within the layered
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2012
      The Martian rover Opportunity found billions of hematite berries littering
      the Meridiani planum. Evidently they formed as concretions within the
      layered sediments of a shallow acidic sea. Opportunity is presently
      investigating clay layers on the hills surrounding Endeavour crater. It
      found veins of gypsum in sedimentary rocks in the hills. Gypsum often forms
      by gradual deposition in a watery environment. Clay forms in non acidic
      watery environs, so evidently the plains have changed considerably over the

      The Martian rover Spirit found powdered pure silica, hematite and gypsum in
      a volcanic hot spring that has since turned to a frozen, desert depression.

      The Martian rover Curiosity is now sampling rocks and sand in Gale crater.
      The sand is made of volcanic basalt. The windward side of Mount Sharp has
      high black dunes made of basaltic sands. These sands form as bits of rock
      grind into each other from the Martian winds. Basaltic sand dunes are found
      all over Mars. Seas of basaltic sand dunes cover several hundred thousand
      square miles of the northern plains. The sand dunes are evidence of gradual
      accumulations of long term erosion.

      Curiosity also tested a pyramid shaped rock called Jake Matijevic. The
      crystals concentrated in Jake Matijevic formed slowly in a process similar
      to making applejack in colonial America. The applejack was placed in large
      wooden barrels and allowed to freeze in winter. Then the ice was repeatedly
      skimmed off leaving the concentrated (alcoholic) applejack. Jack Matijevic
      formed deep underground in a liquid magma. As the magma slowly cooled,
      parts of the rock crystallized, and these parts separated from the
      remaining liquid. Similar rocks are common on earth along rift zones where
      they were pushed up from deep underground. Perhaps Jake rolled down from
      mount Sharp. The Mount has clear evidence of layering showing that it
      gradually pushed up from underground. There is also evidence for what looks
      like volcanic vents and a pyroclastic flow down the flanks of the mountain.

      Changing Earth Creationists accept that the Earth and universe are vastly
      ancient, just like the words of the Bible state. We accept that
      catastrophic events occurred, such as the crushing of a nearby planet that
      the Bible mentions four times. Spirit and Opportunity found meteorites of
      nickel iron, which comes from the core of a shattered planet, lying next to
      craters. We also accept that Adam lived about 6,000 years ago. We accept
      that the the creation week was made up of six literal cycles of light and
      dark - evenings and mornings. How can both be true? We accept what the
      Bible so plainly states - that the creation is enslaved to change. We
      observe how galaxies started as tiny naked globs of tohu bohu (unformed)
      matter. We observe how galaxies intrinsically grew as the stars continued
      to come out, just like God says He does in unbroken continuity. We accept
      what is visible, that atoms have been changing their properties
      relationally for vast eons.

      The western notions of linear time are false. We observe how the orbits and
      the clocks both accelerate. How great will be the utter defeat of the
      western system before the power of God�s literal words. How could science
      be false. It was founded on the first law (arche ktiseous) that peter
      predicted for the false teachers of the last days (2 Peter 3: 3 - 6). What
      glory God will get when He makes foolish the wisdom of this age, as He
      promised. Why? To prove that man cannot come to Him through science, only
      as a sinner trusting Jesus alone. Victor

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