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Markarian 231

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  • VictorM
    Astronomers reported in the Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society that they have discovered a number of rapidly growing black holes in the early
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2012
      Astronomers reported in the Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society that they have discovered a number of rapidly growing black holes in the early universe. They did not actually see the holes, since they are said to be invisible. Instead they used the UK Infrared Telescope to discover ancient galaxies glowing brightly in infrared.

      How do black holes become massive? They supposedly grow by ingesting the gas from the equivalent of hundreds of stars per year. As dust and gas spirals down the hole's gravity drain, energetic light shines from the vicinity of the invisible hole. In some galaxies, bidirectional jets are observed moving out from a point source. This is also said to be evidence for a black hole. Scientists tell us that nothing can shield from the effects of gravity. If the black hole's gravity is really so powerful, why do the jets move out straight without bending?

      Astronomers tell us that super massive black holes exist in nearby active galaxies, such as Markarian 231 in Virgo. Mark 231 is classified as a Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxy (ULIRG) because it nucleus glows so brightly. Spectra taken since 1988 of Mark 231 show new absorption lines. Herschel recently detected strong absorption from water molecules and different parts of the galaxy have different spectra. These and other observations suggest Mark 231 has a compact, warm, highly luminous nucleus and that the galaxy is rapidly changing. Mark 231 also has star and gas tails emerging from the core; evidence that the galaxies is intrinsically growing.

      What is visible fits biblical creation and biblical cosmic history. According to the Bible, Elohim created (completed action) the plural heavens and Earth first. The word for plural heavens (shamayim) can refer to the atmosphere or the stars. However, the atmosphere was formed (not created) on day two and the stars continued to form (not created) on day four. Evidently He created the galaxies and the Earth first. At first what God created had no form, no extension, until He continued to command light to continue to be. Indeed, we observe that light dithers around within atoms, giving them the ability to have extension in space and other properties.

      The greatest evidence for Creation is the way billions of galaxies spread out from tiny, naked globs as the stars continued to emerge. The Biblical God claims He is the one who calls the stars to emerge in unbroken continuity. He spreads out the plural heavens like a tent to dwell in. He continues to spread out things that are dense (like a bronze mirror) into thin clouds (Job 37:18). Knowledge of His glory is available to all day and night in the plural heavens, the spreading place (raqiya). Galactic history is the only history that is visible as it happened long ago. What is visible fits a literal exegesis of the Bible, rather that a scientific interpretation.

      A western person might ask, how could galaxies have formed in only 6,000 years? Look at the universe with sight, instead of a creed. What creed? The "first law - arche ktiseous" the Bible predicted for the mockers of the last days. Peter prophesied that the mockers will obfuscate the age of the plural heavens with their idea that all things remain the same (2 Peter 3:3 - 6). Indeed, western science was founded on that the assumption that the properties of matter are fixed, not emerging. The scientific concept of time, physics definitions, empirical measuring units, mathematical constants and cosmologies were contrived with the notion that atoms today are the same as atoms yesterday. Yet we can see that atomic clocks in the early universe clocked tiny fractions of the frequencies of modern atoms. Even when we sent calibrated clocks out of the solar system on the Pioneers, their clock signals transmitted from the past, kept accelerating. The accelerations correlated with distance, not the expected Doppler. The Pioneer clocks changed (relative to local clocks) at the Hubble ratio that astronomers use to estimate the distance to an ancient galaxy using its observed light clock rate. The Bible plainly states that the creation is enslaved to change.

      What is visible is anathema to a scientist. They try to force the western notion of time onto a universe where clocks and orbits are observed to accelerate as the stars in billions of galaxies spread out. Billions of galaxies grew into huge growth spirals. What we see with our eyes is the very thing the Biblical God says He does in unbroken continuing. He even says He spreads out the earth in unbroken continuity. Indeed, the continents only fit together on a tiny planet, without major surface seas.

      Only Changing Earth Creationists attempt to understand Creation literally AND hermeneutically. No author of the Bible could have intended a scientific understanding of creation. There is not a single verse in the Bible that a contemporary could have understood with a scientific mindset. Indeed, the first law of science was not contrived until the last few centuries, long after the Bible was written. Markarian 231 and many other galaxies show that the universe is extremely ancient, exactly as the Bible so plainly states with words. We also observe evidence that supports its claims that the earliest people lived for geological ages in few days, as Job described. Jacob even spelled it out, that the days and years of the son are shorter and worse than the days and years of the fathers. Everyone notices that days and years accelerate as we age. There is a simple causal explanation. Gravity (whatever it might be) pulls more on the trailing side of the earth as we notice with paraconical pendulum experiments. This gradually accelerates Earth's orbit and rotation together. Indeed the optical parallax to the Sun has continued to decrease even since clocks (radar) established the canonical distance to the Sun in the 1960s.

      Don't tailor the Bible to fit science. It has caused defeat instead of victory. When our obedience is complete, we will bring down the greatest fortress of speculative reasoning raised up against the knowledge of God, western science itself. 2 Corinthians 10:3 - 6. We Christians should be using the Bible as a weapon of war instead of tailoring it to fit western science.


      Credit for the picture of Markarian 231: ESA and the Herschel Space Telescope which analyzed the emission spectra and the Hubble Space Telescope which took the photo.
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