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Black Holes Don't Exist

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  • ptolemy1022
    M22 is a massive egg-shaped globular cluster in the direction of Sagittarius. It has about a million stars packed tightly together. From our perspective, it
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2012
      M22 is a massive egg-shaped globular cluster in the direction of Sagittarius. It has about a million stars packed tightly together. From our perspective, it takes up the area of the full moon.

      The October 3 issue of Nature claims two small black holes exist in M22. Jay Strader and colleagues from Michigan State University used the Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico to detect radio jets around two stars. The area around the stars does not glow in X-rays, which distinguishes this from other black hole claims. Herbig Haro stars with bidirectional jets are common in nebula. However, astronomers have only seen one nebula is known in M22.

      Astronomers often explain collimated jets emerging from point sources surrounded by intense x-rays as evidence for a black hole. Supposedly the energetic activity comes from gases spiraling into a black hole that are re-ejected as jets. The jets and the X-rays are visible, but not the black holes or things swirling down the invisible drain. Conveniently, black holes are unfalsifiable, since they are invisible. Their existence is entirely based on an assumption.

      A biblical explanation supports the visible creation as recorded in the Scriptures. Elohim first created the plural heavens and the earth. Since the atmospheric heavens (also called shamayim in Hebrew) did not form until the next day and the stars were not formed until the fourth day, the plural heavens here are naked galactic cores. At first the earth was without form and void. Then Elohim's wind dithered over the primordial darkness as He continued to command light to continue to be. It was then that the Earth began to have extension. If this is a valid interpretation, the early earth should have been a tiny planet. Indeed, the oldest continental lands fit together on a minuscule globe, without major seas.

      Half way through the creation week, Elohim continued to form the Sun, Moon and stars and continued to place them in the spreading place (Hebrew raqiya). Evidently He formed the Sun, Moon and stars from the god particles created on the first day as light continued to give form to matter. We observe that light dithers around in all matter, giving it the ability to take up space. If this is a valid interpretation, our ancestors would have described planets passing at close range, which indeed they did. In billions galaxies at many ranges, we also observe stars and jets emerging from point sources, taking up more space.

      Are the two stars observed in M22, M22-VLA1 and M22-VLA2, really black holes? They are probably Herbig Haro stars just beginning to eject a nebula of dust and gas. There is no need to speculate about the accretion of stars from space dust or the existence of black holes since what we observe is matter emerging to forming dust clouds and stars. Accretion and black holes were invented to protect science's fundamental assumption, the notion that the properties of matter are fixed. Yet not a single ancient galaxy shines with the light frequencies of modern atoms. When NASA sent two spin-stabilized (unaccelerated) spacecraft out of the solar system, their clock signals (transmitted from the past) kept accelerating relative to NASA's precision clocks of the moment. The ratio of clock acceleration to distance was the Hubble ratio that astronomers use to estimate a galaxy's distance using its observed light-clock rate.

      We observe cosmic history with telescopes in all parts of the light spectrum. The earliest galaxies were often naked and compressed, without starry appendages. Some primordial galaxies have strings of blue star-globs spreading out from the core. We observe at many ranges how star-globs rotate out, spread out, change their clock rates, accelerate out and continue to take up more space as billions of galaxies grew into huge, local, growth spirals. What we see is anathema because it violates the scientific creed.

      What creed? The Bible predicts that in the last days mockers will come with a first law (arche ktiseous) that all things remain the same (2 Peter 3: 3 - 6). They will obfuscate the age of the plural heavens and Earth's watery geology with this idea. Science was founded on an idea, invented by medieval friars, that the essence of substance is changeless. Generations of scientists have defined undetectable things like mass, energy and time; measuring techniques; empirical methods; mathematical constants and laws - based atomic perpetual motion. The system works, as long as you mathematically manipulate symbolical representations of reality in local spaces and times. However, when scientists try to apply their symbols to the cosmos, they end up speculating about a universe that is 99% undetectable.

      They have filled the universe up with undetectable black holes, vacuums that stretch light, vacuums that push galaxies away as they stretch themselves and four times as much invisible matter as the natural kind. Their greatest myth is that a tiny bit of vacuum exploded and created everything out of nothing. Peter's prophesy has come true. Scientists have a first law and their cosmologies are the myths invented to protect the scientific creed.

      What we observe is exactly what the Bible repeatedly states. We observe a global expansion seam showing that the Earth has continued to stretch out, in unbroken continuity, as the Bible states three times. The theory of subduction, that the Earth has swallowed 2/3rds of its crust is contradicted by the layered, undisturbed sediments in the ocean trenches. We observe the very things the Biblical God says He does in unbroken continuity, calling the stars to emerge and come out, yet none go missing (Isaiah 40:26). Knowledge of His great glory is available to all in the plural heavens (shamayim) and the spreading place (raqiya).

      Whenever you hear scientific stories about earth or cosmic history, be aware that they were contrived with a first law, the one Peter predicted. The apostle Paul wrote that God is planning to make foolish (Greek moros) the wise of this age. He explained that the creation is enslaved to change that is an orderly submission that acts together, Romans 8:19 - 22. On that day, the Lord alone will be exalted and the pride of man (in their philosophy and science) will be abased. Why would He make the universe change in this way? For His great glory! Man cannot come know Him through philosophy and science, only the simple faith of a sinner believing His word.

      Photo of M22 here:

      Photo credit: NASA - the inset of the entire globular cluster is from NOAO and the cluster's core is from the Hubble Space Telescope.
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