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Information Universe and the Higgs field

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  • Chuck
    For any one new to this idea the Information Universe is a theory of everything in which the universe is fundamentally information designed to produce a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2012
      For any one new to this idea the Information Universe is a theory of
      everything in which the universe is fundamentally information designed to
      produce a reality for conscience being such as ourselves to experience. As a
      result our universe is a form virtual reality that that is programmed and
      calculated to perform as it dose. While I am not the only one to propose
      such a thing, to best of my knowledge I have taken it further than any one
      else. I am mostly likely the first examine the idea from a creationist
      perspective. My approach to the concept that I call the Information Universe
      or Info-verse for short is base on Robert Herrmann's General Intelligent
      Design and it is a specific interpretation of GID.

      Declares Our Universe IS Intelligently Designed

      I first started thinking developing the Info-verse after realizing that the
      best way to explain certain aspects of reality is if it is a calculate
      information system. I have since found as a result of studying the
      double-slit experiment in Quantum Mechanics that it is really the only way
      of explaining all of the observations. Info-verse has also produced a novel
      version of quantum gravity in that it does not involve a graviton, but
      instead space and time are actually quantized with the fundamental units of
      plank length and plunk time. This model is consistent with Biblical creation
      particularly since it is easy to show how God could have created the
      universe from nothing but his own thoughts just a few thousand years ago.

      The resent reported initial conformation of the existence of the Higgs
      particle started a study of the Higgs field and its implications for the
      Info-verse model. It turns out that Higgs field concept actually solves a
      problem I have been having in dealing with sunlight motion in quantized
      space-time. Since the speed of light is 1 plank length / plunk time. This
      explains why speed of light has to be the upper speed limit of the universe
      since it is the fastest an object can go through space in a continuous
      manner, that us not skipping over parts of space. However traveling slower
      than light requires staying is the same plank length for more than one plunk
      time, the problem was that I had no mechanism to regulate this process,
      however the Higgs field concept provides that mechanism.

      In the Higgs field concept all particles naturally travel at the speed of
      light and would have 0 rest mass. However particles that have rest mass
      interact with this field such that they bounce back and forth with in the
      field slowing them down. Apply this to the Info-verse model the 1 plank
      length / plunk time speed would be the natural speed of a particle moving
      from one plank length to the next but the Higgs interaction causes particle
      with rest mass to bounce between two plank length until it moves on to the
      next according to its velocity.

      This shows how good the Info-verse model is in that it fits existing
      concepts in physics so naturally.

      ------ Charles Creager Jr.

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