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Hottah Shelf

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  • VictorM
    NASA announced the discovery of cemented gravels in an ancient Martian stream bed. Curiosity encountered the dried stream bed as it entered a high thermal
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2012
      NASA announced the discovery of cemented gravels in an ancient Martian stream bed. Curiosity encountered the dried stream bed as it entered a high thermal inertia (rocky) area near its landing site in Gale Crater. The small rock ledge, called Hottah, is a conglomerate of rounded pebbles. Some of the pebbles in the cemented aggregate have fallen, probably from later wind erosion. See the picture here: http://www.godsriddle.info/2012/09/hottah-shelf.html

      The Peace Vallis stream bed in the steep areas of the crater wall is V-shaped. However, streams on the floor of the crater are inverted, higher than the surrounding land. Evidently cemented rocks are more resistant to wind erosion than the surrounding alluvial fan. NASA estimated that the stream once ran at about two miles per hour between ankle and hip deep. On Earth neither deep rivers nor small trickles make round pebbles.

      We see evidence of recent liquid erosion down the steep sides of Martian ravines and craters. However, the recent gullies vanish as though into thin air before they reach the flats. This is doubtless because today the Martian atmosphere causes rapid evaporation. Conditions were evidently very different when Gale Crater formed.

      Why has Mars gone from warm and wet to a cold and dry? What if Mars was much closer to the Sun 4,000 years ago? People in that age claimed the planets grew into Titans as they passed close to the Earth. The Jewish Bible agrees, mentioning when a watery planet was shattered nearby. Indeed, all ancient peoples mentioned catastrophes when the planets passed and the Bible mentions similar events. Was the whole solar system smaller 4,000 years ago? The optical solar parallax has continued to decrease over the last 2300 years, since the Greeks measured it with angles. It has continued to decrease even since the AU was established with radar and clocks 50 years ago. How could that be? since we measure clock-like orbits?

      We observe that clocks and orbits both accelerate in billions of galaxies at many ranges. Not a single ancient galaxy shone with the light frequencies of modern atoms. Some very distant galaxies shine at less that 9% of the frequencies of modern atoms. We also observe at many ranges how star-stream orbits accelerate outwards as billions of galaxies intrinsically grew into huge, local, growth spirals. The light clocks accelerated along with the outward accelerating orbits as primordial matter continued to take up more volume.

      What causes orbits in billions of galaxies to not close, but to continually spiral outwards?

      Changing Earth Creations accept that change is fundamental and intrinsic. Romans 8:19 - 22 states that the creation is enslaved to change. It uses Greek verbs for orderly, intrinsic submission and together-actions for this corruption. Does everything really change in an orderly manner, that is, change relationally? The visible history of the cosmos confirms that the properties of matter are emerging, not static.

      Gale Crater took eons to form, says the skeptic. Indeed it certainly did. Job listed the various geological-age evidences that passed during the few days of his life during the dinosaur age. Job also mentions the shattering of a planet twice, so it must have happened around 4,000 years ago. Job also mentioned how their faces deformed before they died. Indeed, we find the skulls of our early ancestors with huge thick brows. The skull is the only part of our skeleton that keeps growing as we age. If we lived for geological ages, our faces would grow Neanderthal. Yet Neanderthal children, who died as infants, had skulls more like moderns. In some cases their primary teeth are worn from vast age, even though they were still infants.

      Mars also has evidence for tectonic change. The southern hemisphere has a global pattern of magnetic stripes impressed into its rocks. The stripes shift at the visible fault lines. If one removes the lowlands, the highlands on Mars fit together on a much smaller planet. This is not unlike Earth, where if one removes the oceans, the continents even across the Pacific, fit together on a tiny globe without major surface seas.

      The Bible predicted scientists. In the last days, Peter wrote, mockers will come with their mocking claiming that all things remain the same. They will obfuscate the age of the plural heavens with a first law, that all things remain the same. Indeed, science was historically founded on a metaphysical assumption, that the essence of substance is changeless. Scientists define their symbolical versions of reality, their measuring units and mathematical constants, with their notion that atoms are perpetual motion engines. Yet no perpetual motion atoms gleam from any ancient galaxy. Consider that God is able to make foolish the wise of this age, as He promised. You cannot find Him through science, only by simple faith in His infallible word.

      Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS
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