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RE: [CreationTalk] Dark Energy Camera

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  • Chuck
    ... As usual you did not provide any references. This is one of several areas that you have a real problem with. However I will go a head and provide a couple
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 20, 2012
      > A new Dark Energy Camera took its first image of the Fornax
      > cluster on September 12. The wide field camera uses 62 separate
      > CCD elements that are sensitive to infrared. The 5-ton cryogenic
      > camera has the largest filter changer ever built. Its wide field
      > images are 570 mega pixels in size. It is mounted on the four
      > meter Blanco telescope located at Cerro Tololo in the high
      > Atacama desert. Astronomers plan is to photograph 300
      > million galaxies over five years with DECam.

      As usual you did not provide any references. This is one of several areas
      that you have a real problem with. However I will go a head and provide a
      couple for you.



      > Astronomers claim the universe is mostly made of dark energy.
      > Since this stuff is defined as invisible, no camera could actually
      > detect it. Scientists hope that DECam will map the galaxies and
      > so figure out how invisible matter and energies are affecting the
      > visible universe.

      That's a good description however dark matter is not necessarily invisible
      matter but it may just not visible to us because it does not shine like
      stars do. Planes orbiting a star are generally not visible to us because
      their reflected light is drowned out by the glare of the star. If you look
      at the sun from say Alpha Centauri it would be impossible at least with
      current technology to image the Earth or even Jupiter by both planets as
      well as six others, and a bunch of other objects are here.

      > According to space-time theories, Earth has an elliptical orbit because
      > it rides the bent rails in the vacuum of space-time. Allegedly, as the
      > vacuum of space-time stretches itself, it also stretches passing light,
      > which is why distant galaxies shine redder than the light from modern
      > atoms. Dark energy is the invisible force that allows galaxies that are
      > standing still relative to their local space to move away at ever
      > speeds as the intergalactic vacuum of space-time stretches out.

      While this is basically a good description there are a few of problems with

      1. Space-time is not technically a vacuum not only is it filled with energy
      in the form of virtual particles called in quantum mechanics zero point
      energy but space-time is a bendable-stretchable-malleable structure that is
      rigid enough that it take a lot of matter to affect it.

      2. The Earth does not ride bent rails in space-time but follows the
      curvature of space cause by the sun.

      3. Space-time does not stretch itself but is being stretched, there is a
      difference. While evolutionary cosmologists resort to ad hoc stuff like
      "dark energy" from a Biblical perspective it is God that is doing the

      > Cosmologists estimate that 23 % of the universe is made of dark matter
      > and 73 % is dark energy. Of the remaining 4 % of the scientific universe,
      > only 0.4% is supposed to be visible stars. This is why scientists build
      > precision instruments like DECam, to buttress their theories of a universe
      > that is more than 99% undetectable.

      This figures are only valid for evolutionary cosmologists; not Creationists;
      since "dark energy" was specifically designed to save the Big Bang from
      reality. Even then the claim that more than 99% of the universe is seen as
      undetectable is not accurate. While only 0.4% would be stars, most of that
      other 4% would be dust and gas much of which is illuminated by stars and is
      actually visible in most galaxy images. Further more just because something
      can not be seen dose not make it undetectable. The 23% "dark matter" would
      be detectable by its gravity so at least 25% would be detectable.

      For Creationists "dark energy" is not needed so even if we accept "dark
      matter", which may not be need that produces 85% "dark matter" and 15%
      ordinary matter. That would mean that at least 95% of the Universe is
      detectable If we accept Cosmological Relativity then "dark matter", is not
      need and ordinary matter is all there is then most of it is not only
      detectable by visible as well.

      > Detecting invisible things is not unlike detecting the emperor's invisible
      > it requires a belief system that is unsupported by visible facts.

      That is not true. Air is for all practical purposes invisible but it can be
      detected in other ways. The same goes for planets orbiting other stars and
      if it exists the same thing goes for "dark matter". It each of these cases
      they are supported by visible facts. Only dark energy requires a belief
      system that is unsupported by visible facts since it is only postulated so
      as to save the Big Bang from reality.

      The rest of you post was not worth commenting on since we have been over it
      several times.

      ------ Charles Creager Jr.

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