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RE: [CreationTalk] Teaching of Genesis 1-2

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  • Lowell Baker
    Now that he has watered down the gospel, He can ask the question why he never gets healed! Lowell _____ From: CreationTalk@yahoogroups.com
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      Now that he has watered down the gospel, He can ask the question why he
      never gets healed! Lowell


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      Subject: [CreationTalk] Teaching of Genesis 1-2

      I attend a really growing church in Indy of about 5000 people who teach the
      Bible as truth. However, I took a class "Reasons to Believe" where the
      resident Biblical Scholar who knows Hebrew and Greek pretty well caught
      himself. In the class were new people to church and several academics.

      He explained Genesis as being written for the Hebrews coming out of Egypt to
      give them a focus as they had none previously. He stated that the purpose of
      Genesis was not history but rather a general guide for the people. He then
      explained that the word day YOM used could be like "in the day of George
      Washington" and the order of creation really is not to be taken literally.
      He also says the Flood account is not intended to be a global flood but
      local. Since he stated that Genesis 1-2 were basically allegory, I asked him
      a question, "Do you believe in a real Adam that God created from the earth
      and not like the Pope who has pronounced Adam to only have a created soul
      (but from some type of ape man through evolution). He immediately told the
      class he believes in a real Adam created from the earth and informed me I
      was wrong about what the Pope has said about Adam. After he said this, the
      academics in the class made a statement that they were pleased with his
      earlier statement about Gen being an allegory but the fact that he believe
      Adam to be real was totally contradictory. How could one choose parts to be
      taken as history and other parts as story? He was completely rocked by this
      and had NO answer. I sent him the date and time of the Pope's statement on
      Adam in email. I also sent him the Hebrew scholar James Baar letter stating
      that no Hebrew scholar he knew of would deny Gen 1 days Yom coupled with
      "evening" and "morning" and a "number" were not 24 hour days. He is not a
      scientist but a Hebrew scholar so I sent this to him. The problem is people
      who believe that the straightforward text in Genesis not as history do so
      because of a "hollow and deceptive philosophy of the world", Naturalism.

      Colossians 2:8 "See to it that no one takes you captive through hallow and
      deceptive philosophy based on human tradition and the basic principles of
      this world rather than on Christ." That is exactly what has happened and why
      people do not believe Genesis as historical fact. Fact, Jesus Christ was the
      Creator of everything (John 1:3). To be a Christian is to be a
      supernaturalist knowing God has created, performed miracles, conceived as a
      new Adam through the Holy Spriit with new and clean DNA just like Adam as he
      was the 2nd Adam in a virgin, physically resurrected from a dead body. If
      you believe and accept these why in the world would you be so eager to agree
      with the anti-God Naturalists who based all of their beliefs on based
      naturalistic principles and deny the Word God gave you? It is time for us to
      repent and decide we believe what God said. If you have beliefs like this
      teacher, consider this scripture and what I have said and examine your
      motives for not believing Gen as history.

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